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Discussion in 'General' started by Rhasta, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Wow that's a good site. I think I may have found my new vice. ;)
  2. It only burns the first couple times, it stops after like your first tin unless your doing it all day. I've only tried Snus once but it can't be any worse than Skoal which I've been doing for years.

    I quit skoal because of the potential mouth cancer, I didn't know this Snus stuff was any better In that manner, I'm definitely going to have to grab a tin if I can't find it anywhere
  3. From what I've been reading, if you have to use tobacco, you might as well do snus.

    I think I'll try General White Portion first.
  4. ive tried one of the ones by nick and johnny, not sure which it was but was pretty minty, similar taste to the camel frost, but much better and got a stronger nicotine buzz
  5. Swedish Snus is pasteurized and heated, killing most of the carcinogens, dramatically reducing the risk of mouth cancer to the point where you don't have to worry about it. It is MUCH safer than chew. American SNUS is not Snus. It isn't pasteurized and is in the same league as chew. It's also fucking nasty.

    I recently quit smoking with Snus. It's a great, much safer alternative. The best part about it is you can use it anywhere since you don't have to spit.

    I use General Portions, a Swedish brand of course. Stay away from Marlboro and Camel.
  6. Yeah, don't use the american stuff like Camel Frost. Tobacco here isn't FDA approved so it doesn't have to list ingredients used. In Sweden it's approved and you know whats going in your mouth. I'm pretty new to Swedish stuff, but I have liked the General portions and Thunder Frosted. If anyone is interested in even trying it, go to they have cheap prices and cheap shipping. Also if you buy 5 cans you get a mystery can :) Anyone who is considering quitting smoking (tobacco) or american dip (Cope, Skoal) I would highly recommend snus. It is the safest tobacco substance made.
  7. Nasal snuff is where it's at


    Year old topic, guy above me

  8. Yeah i couldn't find a recent topic that wasn't about Camel snus. This title seemed a little better for Swedish Snus talk
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