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  1. I have never been a fan of tobacco, but have recently picked up on Snus. It's a powdered form of tobacco similar to chewing tobacco, except you don't need to spit and the kind I've been using is portioned inside small teabag like pouches.

    Anyone else use snus and can recommend a good brand?
  2. not sure, but i would definitely not recomend the new camel snus. i got a free pack when i bought my cigs and it didn't do anything for me at all besides making my lip sting.
  3. get the stuff from sweden, camel snus is wack ^^ made my gums sting
  4. I'll make your gums sting baby. :rolleyes:
  5. Snus are great if you want really bad oral hygiene and potentially mouth cancer

  6. Are you saying anyone who uses Snus immediately stops brushing their teeth? I smoke marijuana too, and allegedly that cures cancer so I guess I'm all set.
  7. i'm pretty sure the person who made this thread was dying to hear this info

    see what i did there

    no but really, this is obvious and the OP obviously doesn't care.
  8. NO you've misunderstood - it has nothing to do with brushing your teeth and everything to do with gingivitus, periodontis and cancerous tumours in your mouth from using oral tobacco

    you go ahead and enjoy

    yum yum
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    Doesn't marijuana cure all that stuff though? I mean technically using marijuana means I could be a meth addict and be fine. Maybe even heroine. Instead I like Snus. (Major sarcasm) sheets 6-15-07/SnusOralCancer6-15-07.pdf
  10. DAMN, I'm an idiot! I just tossed in between my gum and my lip and hated how it kept getting into my mouth..
  11. dude - no need to get pissy - i'm just trying to give you a friendly warning

    Snus, like Blunts, in the US dont have to carry warnings - however, in the UK you can't even get Snus because they are so bad for your mouth

    In fact, I had a colleague from Sweden which is where Snus come from and they are apparently the leading cause of mouth cancer in Scandinavia

    go figure - a pouch of tobacco that you press against your gums for hours on end that gives you mouth cancer

    who would have thunk it!

  12. That's funny, because I've read that Sweden actually has very low mouth cancer rates. Your colleague must be a stoner.
  13. Thats the whole point stoner - the Swedes have to pay masses of tax on cigarettes but Snus and Snuff aren't taxable so they are a hell of a lot cheaper

    the point being that Swedes have low rates of mouth cancer per capita because a low percentage of the population smokes - but those that use Snus are more likely to get mouth cancer - which is why I said it's the "leading cause of mouth cancer in Scandinavia"

    anway, your mouth - your body - do what the fuck you like
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    You're exactly right.

    I'm a healthy adult and I don't need anyone telling me the risks of what I do. It would be like you going to Evel Knievel and telling him he might break his leg doing that jump.

    You're just being annoying, you're not enlightening anybody with your holier than thou attitude.
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  15. Where did I say don't do them? And now you're just being rude for the sake of it - I wasnt trying to enlighten anyone and you just knee jerked because it was your thread!

    I never once said dont do them - I just highlighted the risks - and, if someone reads this and thinks "ah well I wont try them now" then that's fine by me

    they should carry a warning just like blunts so people can decide for themselves whether they want an increased chance of mouth cancer

    and your analogy of telling Evel K not to make that jump is ridiculous - how can you compare making a jump over buses that obviously can damage your health to a little tin of tobacco teabags with "Whiskey Flavour Snus" or whatever flavour written on the front??

  16. You came into my thread about snus and started a little campaign of "snus causes mouth cancer lol". You want a better analogy? It's the same as you going to the smoking section of a restaurant and lecturing everyone who lights up. It's annoying, you know that it's annoying, yet you did it and now you're still trying to argue with me in my thread. You said your peace, so leave it at that.

    Now back to the real topic at hand, I am looking into the General brand of snus, but have read that it tastes and smells like old perfume lol? Anyone use Swedish snus and recommend a brand that is purchasable online?
  17. is it the camel snus(mint regular and cinnamon) or is it the kind that you snort
  18. snus doesnt cause cancer.

    its a finer type of tobacco so it doesnt have all the fucked up chemicles in it. there is no proof that it does actually cause cancer, but there isnt much that say it doesnt either.
    but it is a much safer alternative to smoking or chewing regular chew.

    check out they have a shitton of different brands and flavors

    camel snus is weak and has no flavor
  19. i actually used the camel and skoal chew to quit smoking it takes a wile but if you restrain your self and do it less and less once your out either buy a new one or dont buy a new one been smoke free for 3 months

  20. ya i know camel sucks but that skoal shit is fuckin strong
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