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    So I was at the head shop a couple days ago, and of course being an impulse buyer when I saw this little device in it's own special display box I had to know what it was, and was told by the sales guy it was a snozwozzler and enables you to smoke a joint ridiculously fast. He said he had only hit one once, he was at a party, and was too done to remember how it worked but that you pulled on the balloon, we couldnt figure out how that would work and after about an hour of scouring the internet we got a slight idea and proceeded to figure out how we thought we should smoke it.


    We put a joint inside the holder then light it and get it going good, put it inside the cork which is put inside the main chamber.


    You then fill the balloon with air, we use a pump so that theres more oxygen than if you blow up the balloon with your mouth, and put that on the opposite end of the chamber, the air in the balloon is then forced through the chamber, joint, and into your lungs, the harder you squeeze the balloon the fast you can smoke a jay.

    I haven't been able to find any information on this piece, probably because I don't know how to spell snozwozzler, but I figured I'd ask on here if anyone knows a better way to smoke it, or else provide information for anyone who should find themselves in the same predicament as us.
  2. Milk Vid!!:confused:
  3. this. strap this shit to a bong or something
  4. The only information I was able to find about it was these 2 youtube videos.

    [ame=""]Click me![/ame]
    [ame=""]Click me![/ame]

    It looks in the first video like they're pulling on the balloon, not sure what exactly that is.
  5. that looks cool, what happens when theres no air in the balloon?

  6. If you pump it up pretty full you can get it to last the whole joint, it doesn't blow through the joint as fast as I'd like, that's why I'm curious about if we're doing it right, feels like theres so much more potential.
  7. You are quite the impulse buyer if you are buying something that you and the shop owner have no idea how to use.

    I would guess that you would put the lit joint on the inside, then blow into the other glass end next to the cork as if you were blowing someone a shotgun. Then the cork with joint thing can be pulled out, then you inhale whats in the chamber & balloon.

    So essentially, you are blowing a shotgun into the balloon, then inhaling it once the corked section is removed.

  8. I'm the worst impulse buyer, but the guy working had a general idea how it worked, and I find it fun to figure out how to use something foreign.

    I've tried blowing into the joint to fill the chamber but didnt try to blow up the balloon like that I'll have to give it a try. :D
  9. the way you described it sounds like the best way to go about doing it. sounds like fun to use. i wanna try one now.
  10. yeah ive smoked out of one of those hahah.
    you can snort the smoke n shit.
    they get you ripppppped.
    its pretty fun. and what a sick name for it lmao "Shnoz Wozzler"
  11. If you dont mind me asking, how much did the schnozz wozzler cost you?
  12. It was 70 canadian taxes in. The only additional cost is going to be the purchase of a rubber stopper. The cork is too dry and lets air through as well as it falls apart. Definatly a worthwhile investment.
  13. Hit the snozwozzler a few times last night, we are definatly using it right, and it is definatly awesome. Fucks me up more than bong hits for sure. We were gonna make a milkvid last night but, well, we got high.
  14. Do the snozzberries taste like snozzberries?
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    Where can I get one of these on the internet? I cant find shit on it.
  16. Ya it's ridiculous trying to find info on it online, that's why I figured I'd post it here. Better quality milkvid coming soon.

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