Snowy White Morning..

Discussion in 'General' started by straitsb, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. So I woke up expecting school is still open. Take a shower, get dressed and such. I walk into the kitchen, and there is snow everywhere! WOO! Snow day!

    Here are some nice pictures :)

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  2. Me and my brothers car (mine on the right, his on the left)

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  3. Schools are closed here today too.. Not a speck of snow hwere we are, but just to the south of us, in the same county, it snowed fairly good..

    I'm getting ready to go to work.. If it doesn't rain much more!
  4. front yard

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  5. those are nice....happy snowday :)
  6. another

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  7. thank you :) I really needed to go to my classes today though.. I haven't been most of the week.. :/
  8. thats what a snow day looks liek for you?! thats awesome, my school is so strict with closing, there has to be like 5 inches on the ground for them to close it, we would be going to shcool if there was a day like that, maybe a 2 hour delay at the most
  9. looks like the bottom of my back yard actually, just a nice calm lake..... plenty of snow an some even better sights! :)
  10. i looove snow. over winter break we got like 4 inches or something everyday ..which is rare for washington state. good times. enjoy ur snowday :)
  11. It is a nice place to smoke :D We have a swing near where the cars are parked, its attached to this big ass oak tree. But thats one of the best places. Nice swing looking onto the lake, I always know when someone is coming up, and I have plenty of time to put whatever out. Yup.. smoking at my house does indeed rock. Everyone should do it.. like at least twice.
  12. Any day, all day :D

    unless im at school.. or work.. in that case, i'll skip both.

    so yea

    Any day, all day :D

  13. LOL..i was thinking the same thing when i saw the pictures.

    I mean, unless there is a large amount of ice under that small amount of snow, where i live would look at it and laugh.

    But it sure is pretty and i'd be doing the same thing if i had the time off.
  14. ditto if every time that happened there was a snow day we would have had like 30 already. i wish my school district was like that, but now it's starting to warm up, i'm glad.

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