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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by supahigh777, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. One of my friends I work with told me he could get some snowed medical for $150 a quarter. He said it's really good stuff but I've never heard of snowed and that's a lot of money for that. Anyone tell me what "snowed" means?
  2. 150 a quarter for anything sounds like a joke. Snowed? I can take it he means "Frosty" or equivalent, just means it's covered in trichs to give you the appearance of whiteness.
  3. I have NEVER seen bud for $150 a quarter, no matter how frosty it is. That's a $600 ounce!
  4. Yeah supa, $150 a quarter is a terrible price. I pay $120 at the most on bad days, and my area has some of the highest weed prices in the world lol
  5. Everything Greenbrad said + don't buy it. Either he is ripping you off, or he is getting ripped off along with you. I live on the east coast where weed is more over priced than anywhere (except maybe Alaska) and I would never pay over $120 for a quarter.
  6. Oh...My...God..."Snowed" you say?! Holy fuckin' Jesus, man, don't fuck with that shit!!:cool:
  7. I would never pay that much for that but I just wanted to know what the snowed meant
  8. Oh my bad, I inferred that you were gonna buy it :p Yeah what greenbrad said about frosty.
  9. snowed is either mad crystally or he's an idiot and thinks coke on bud = GG
  10. Haha i would think he meant laced with blow.. which would explain the high price..
  11. course you would get that ounce at a discount. it depends on where you're from. it's 20 bucks a gram here, and i've bought a quarter of dank for 140 dollars, when some are a hell of a lot more depending on quality/your dealer :smoking:
  12. no way, even in my super overpriced town i'd never get a quarter for 150

  13. [​IMG]
  14. #14 Jazzyj, Aug 4, 2011
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    What do you pay for an ounce? If you get absolutely no discount for a quarter, paying 20/g for 7 grams, the discount on an ounce can't be good.

    I completely understand that prices vary by location. Weed is expensive in my name "dank" that is in reality really good mids will still sell for 20/g. I know the right people and get actual dank for 20/g, but the most I ever pay is 60 for an 1/8th. I've occasionally heard of people paying 70 for an 1/8th, but that's pretty rare. And honestly, you're the first person I've heard of paying $140/quarter. Not trying to offend you, it just surprised me.
  15. way too expensive for my taste..
  16. it means its covered in crack, haha
  17. Damn that's not funny, did she die? She could have very easily snapped her neck. Well I would assume she's not dead, otherwise it would (hopefully)not have been made into a GIF.. in which case.. damn, she's pretty hot :cool:

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