Snowboarding today (pics)

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Squishey, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Yeah, self explanatory. I went boarding today with a friend, and we smoked up some premo fire. One bowl got us fucked. (i did two to myself after :) )

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  2. used a trumpett mouth peice for bowl. Worked great
    We found this little snow bank into the trees to chill and smoke up in :p
    It was way cooler than the pics can portray however :(

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  3. damn i remember playing the trumpet in grade 9.. hope you had fun xD
  4. that looks sick...were you at whistler?
  5. Whats up with that zippo? Looks cool though.
  6. Yeah, whistler. That zippo is a pipe zippo, so it has a hole in both sides of the chimney, you you just hold it over your pipe and suck :p
  7. Did you make it that way, or did it come like that?
  8. It came like that, my buddy (in 1 pic i think) bought it yesterday, lol they did'nt beleive he was 18 and we had to go back and get id. He looks like he's 15 and 6' 3'' xD

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