Snowboarding anyone?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by 420hippie, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. Who snowboards here? It's my favorite thing to do while i'm high. I love it, I get such a rush flying down the hill when i'm blazed, it's amazing when you're strait but when you're high it's like a whole different experience. love it, i'm already getting anxious for and snowboarding mmmmm yummy... :smoke:
  2. hey i snowboard i have a burton punch with flux wonderbread bindings
  3. I have a Nitro revolt with Burton customs
  4. I might get burnt for this but, I dont snowboard... Skiing is where its at. I got mucho respect for boarders though shit looks so ill. I ride on a pair of Volkl Bridges and ski at Sugarbush, VT all the time. OH and smoking + skiing = the best thing ever.
  5. yea boarding is where its at! i got a ride kink with burton cartel bindings! i love tokin up in the back country with fresh powder all around ! cant wait for winter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:smoke:
  6. i have a ride profile with some dc phantom 3s and heelside bindings. not a great setup (love the boots!) but i got an amazing deal on the profile, plus its better than my world industries board..

    but yeah i love snowboarding, so expensive though for hill passes to go every weekend.

    its kind of the only sport i do anymore
  7. i ride an endeavor color, with k2 formulas and some old ass sims boots that are falling apart.
  8. skiing high is the fuckin shit and i imagine snowboarding high is (almost ;)) just as good. the speed rush, the danger, the incredible views, the connection with nature, and o ya the delicious and bountiful food in the lodges make weed and skiing/boarding a match made in heaven.

  9. YOU GOT A COLOR!!! yo me too man i fucking love that board. the bottom graphics are so sick, although i haven't gotten around to doing anything on the top sheet yet. you got markers with yours right? where do you all ride..

    my home mountain is belleayre,
    but i used to teach at plattekill for a year, and i'll hit up hunter and windham every now and then. im in the catskills , but this year imma go up to vermont a few times, hit up sugarbush and jay and all that. winter is coming! as much as i love summer snowboarding is where its at..

    smoking and riding= heaven. everyone does it to, i love just hitting woods with random people, finding a smoking spot adn toking up with strangers, i've met many friends like that lol

    ive tried skiing once, its really easy after snowboarding for like 8+ years, so i did pretty well my only time, it was last year. i sort of want to try it a few times this year as well i guess..
  10. hell yea man the color is sick. nice and flexy. i havent drawn anything on mine yet either

    i usually shred mission ridge
  11. I'm in MN so we don't really have much... no mountains :mad:. But I have a season pass to Spirit Mt. and I hit up Lutsen and Giants Ridge. I'm thinking about transferring to Bozeman next year for school so that would be real sweet...
  12. i only go a few times a year so i dont own my own, i borrow my buddies old burton.
    but we blaze everytime, then split up for a while and board the hills we wanna board. meet up and smoke again at a certain time. flyin down them black diamonds and double black diamonds with music blasting in some big ass headphones is amazing.
  13. music+snowboarding+friends+blunt= crazy amazing good times.
  14. some of the funnest times in my life envolve snowboarding and weed.

    this winter im gonna drop some cid and go snowboarding

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