Snow the Product.

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  1. Any Fans Of Her On GC? She 1 Of My Top Favorite Rap Artists BC She Stand Out By Lyrics An Not Rap Like Alotta The Other Female Rappers These Days. She Got Fire Bars From Hell IMO. It Isa Shame She Don Get Enough Respect But She Got Mines That's For Damn Sho. Plus I Like That She Got ADHD Like Me But Still Got Great Skills Ona Mic.

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  2. @Tokintb12 I See You Fam Are You A Fan Of Her At All?

  3. I have not heard of her but your post was very complimentary
    I'm posting Tricky videos so I'm A bit dated
    Hope you are wel!
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  4. Well Ya Ima Big Fan Of Her Skills An What She Rap About/Like. I Doin Ok Well Great Actually Today Anyways. WBU?

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  5. Still playing with my cannabis extractions
    IMG_20230323_173832.jpg IMG_20230327_225914.jpg IMG_20230327_124923.jpg

    Doing CBD and CBG flower tincture

    On the right is some Gorilla Glue #4
    My favorite
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  6. I'm still bumping that track you showed me with her & Crooked I daily. She's dope.
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  7. She's up there with the top female rappers for sure. Crazy ice spice gets love but nothing for snow. Imo ice spice voice irritating and bland bars. Snow been around too like a decade.
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  8. Haha Nice. Ya She Kill It On There An I Wish She Would Do Another Collab With Crooked I Too. Thanks For The Reply D.

  9. Mhm Iain Really A Fan Of Ice So Much BC Like You Say She Not Really Anyting New Soundin. She Ok But Not 1 Of My Favs. Snow Unique In The Rap Game.


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