Snow Storm Ultra. Anyone use it?

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    Has anyone ever used Humboldt County's Snow Storm Ultra? Apparently it's supposed to be used as a foliage spray and bring out the resin and make it look snowy. I'm already 4 1/2 weeks into flowering and I was thinking about buying some from Amazon on Ebay and giving it a try. Has anyone had any experience with this stuff? Is it worth it?

    Here is a link to Snow Storm Ultra on Amazon.
    [ame=] Humboldt County's Own Snow Storm Ultra Bloom Stacker - 8 Ounces: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]
  2. thats wack... like just spray your plant with sugar water after its done to to add sparkle... NOT! I hate it how people put stuff on the plants to make them seem better. it would make it taste worse I bet.. I dont know... lol that stuff sounds wack.
  3. Sounds like its something that makes the plant produce more trichs, not sprinkling powdered sugar on it. Interested to hear if anyone's used it.

  4. I think he was being sarcastic about the powdered sugar thing.
  5. I don't haha

  6. You're probably right. It might make it taste like shit. I'm another week or two from flushing anyway so I think I'll pass on it this time. I'd still like to know if anyone has tried it though and what their results were.
  7. i know from reading on here ppl said that spraying with sugar would make it rough, aka thats y u cure it, so the buds eat up the last of the sugars and turn them into starches or something along those lines. so cant say that helps any but gl with your desicion
  8. i don't think that was sarcasm either but, i use snow storm but i don't folliar spray... i add half a tsp per gallon and feed with other nutes, it doesn't just make your shit hella frosty it increases trich production and swells resin glands leaving you with danky ass bomb bud try it i promise you'll thank yourself later
  9. I've used it before and it causes spotting on the leaves, throughs off the PH and just ruins the soil. That stuff is acid, I tossed it out and never looked back. All you need is good nutes and your straight....hope that helps some.
  10. Thanks everyone. I decided not to use it. I figure between the Fox Farm and molasses it should do just fine and so far it is going great. The buds are swelling very nice and it's starting to get a very nice dank smell. I have 2 1/2 weeks to harvest. I can't wait!

    If anyone wants to see my progress you can read about it here -
  11. dont sell yourself short bud! if anything get a sample and test on one plant.... i do use ff nutes and blackstrap but once i added ssultra big difference in the frost and smell and taste of my bud its a really great product, and as far as causing spotting never happen to me may be a prob with the ph or ppm or a conflict with it and other nutes your using??? neway good look, safe growing, and happy smoking my friend

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