SNOW! Part II. The amazing sequel!

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, Nov 29, 2001.

  1. So I hear the WET coast of Canada is now the WHITE coast eh?

    A good storm indeed as it raced out on to the plains. Although, we only got 3" of white stuff on the ground, I could really tell it snowed because:

    1. There is not a snow shovel left in the central US for sale.

    2. Many Jeep Grand Cherokee's and Lincoln Navigators are being put into 4WD for the very first time resulting in some damn funny looking crashes.

    3. All the old people put on the silliest looking fur hat they could find, drove approx. 7 m.p.h. to the local store to buy $7000 worth of groceries. By the time they get them home and unloaded, it's spring.

    4. All the local TV news takes 30 minutes to say it's snowing, it's cold, and it's slick. And of course they have to send the talking head out to stand in it and say "it's snowing", "it's cold", and "it's slick". Remember when you could get this information just by looking out the window?

    5. Kid's are making all kinds of deals with God to keep it coming down hard enough to cancel school.

    Stay warm and be cool!
  2. I agree with that whole post....We got a good 7 inches..

  3. LOL to all with the white stuff. I am glad there is no white stuff falling down here! We have had 10 and a half inches of rain here. That would be the equal to about 14-16 inches of snow if it is a wet snow. Doesn't look like i'll get to work for a while! Oh well it'll give me more time to enjoy the good life. I'll smoke one for every one here at grasscity.

    Got to get busy!lol

    PS it's still raining and will be raining all day today and part of tommorrow.

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