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snow cap pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by swimtothebank, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Sample

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  2. nice pickup dude looks nice and dense
  3. Shit, that is SO dense
  4. And sooo good...arkansas too by the way
  5. Daaammn, Looks hella crystally and real dense. Would love to be able to get me some of that.
  6. i remember the oz of snowcap I got a few years ago. shit wast pretty good. Looked almost identical and so very dense.
  7. Yea its the most dense bud ive ever had....and its crazy good
  8. Arkansas has that kinda weed there? lol looks tasty!
  9. Naah..not really...some good stuff but not as good as this more like..i have this kinda weed in arkansas
  10. One of my favorite strains.

    Literally every morning when i see snow covered mountains on my way to work I remember the distinct smell and density.

    Damn my probation taking FOREVER! 3 years is mighty tough when you see these threads.
  11. Wow this looks a lot like the stuff i have right now.
  12. Wow, crazy looking stuff. Looks like it's just capped with snow (Go me, I usually don't pick up on those things :p) Looks dense as hell too, what are the weights of those nugs?
  13. Where at in AR? There is some pretty nice bud down in south ar where I live, but you pay for what you get. Nice bud anyways.

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