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Snorting Kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by niqqabieber69, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I have 7 grams of kief and I'm wondering if I snort a line will it get me high?? I snorted a line of kief once (because my friend said he would give me the bag if I did) but it just clogged up in my nose so I got a lighter and used my other nostril as a carb and took a fat rip out of my nose (it didn't burn that bad, but it tasted like nose hairs) and that got me high but I was just wondering if snorting kief alone would give you any sort of a buzz.
  2. No, your nostrils won't absorb the THC. Just smoke it. Or cook with it. Or shove it up your ass if you really want to do something weird with it, that will actually work (never tried it myself).

    /goes to shove kief up my ass
  3. weed isn't cocaine it needs heat to release all the good stuff
  4. Yeah it'd give u a buzz.
  5. lets' see a video on you doing this too!
  6. Snort it, one fat ass line.
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  10. Such a wack question. NO. Just smoke/vape/cook that shit. NEVER snort keif. Just why?....
  11. I had a friend try this and end up with a staph infection, lol, don't snort kief.
  12. A small amount of THC is already decarboxylated and in its psychoactive form of THC-A without any heat interaction, meaning that without heat you'll have to consume a much larger amount of cannabis to achieve the same desired effect.

    With that being said, if you were to decarboxylate the kief before snorting it (heating it to a certain temperature where the majority of it becomes THC-A), it would be much more potent and would be absorbed into your blood stream as the THC-A would pass through the thin membrane of the nasal cavity into other capillaries.

    But just because its feasible, doesn't mean its safe, and might cause negative implications to your nasal cavity in the future. Vaporize kief, make it into edibles, stick it up your ass, or even top a bowl off with it; but don't snort it.
  13. Fucking moron just smoke it.
  14. How about you go snort some coke and jump in front of a transport truck
  15. Smoke it and if you really have 7 grams that'd last a while.
  16. i heard that if you lay out the kief on a table of some sort in a square about 3 in by 3 in, and you slam your head into it really really hard some of the kief will go straight into your brain and you get face fucked.

    im a little hesitant to try it out thought, give it a shot and tell me how it goes :)
  17. Im about to bust my gut reading this stuff! But what about an aural high, has anyone funneled it into their ears?
  18. i know im not the only blade that has thought about doing this before
  19. More proof of stoners being idiots. (The thread, not OP)

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