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Snortin' The Vapo

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Eric_Fortis, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hey blades!

    So, anyway, I was reading through some threads and I found this one about humming to make you higher. Basically, you toke, hold it in, keep your mouth shut, and hum it slowly out your nose. Works with the mucous membranes in your nose. This got me thinking...

    Call me crazy, but while I was having a vapo session (hot box vaporizer, the ones with the "whip"), I decided, purely spontaneously, to take the hit in through my nose. I did this several times.

    Now, as none of you know, my tolerance has been very high. Can't get high smoking just one bowl. For the last week, I've cut down from whenever I feel like it to three times a day, spaced a few hours apart, and in the afternoon (the last session being at night). But after humming + nose rips, I got decently baked. Watched two episodes of Smallville and still was high enough to drift to sleep easily.

    All I did was take two pinches of ground bud and put it in the vaporizer, with the temperature set to 374F. It wasn't terrible to experience at the time, the only negative was that my eyes watered, but, I believe this may be offset by simply lowering the temperature so that the vapor isn't as hot or as thick, therefore causing less irritation within the nose.

    Don't do it with smoke. I assume that would suck. But, if you're a hero, let me know how it goes.

    What do you think?
  2. I've hit a blunt and joint through my nose multiple times while smoking alone of course. It gives you a little bit more of a head rush but the over all high was the same.
  3. You think so? Maybe I can attribute my high to my cutting down?
  4. I mean, I did it with a bowl once... It sucked. I couldn't stop sneezing.

    I imagine vapor would be much smoother though.
  5. I kept sneezing too, aha.
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    Yeah it could make sense tho cuz like vie heard snorting some types of pills and shit makes them hit you harder
  7. I got my faithful Arizer V-Extreme and although I haven't tried it recently, I did try taking a hit through my nose. Overall, I think it isn't too bad like Eric_Fortis said by lowering the temperature down (maybe like 340-350F), but as for the membranes in your nostrils taking in more of the THC than by inhaling through the mouth, I doubt it's anything more than negligible = /.

    Technically the nasal track connects with the same wind pipe you inhale with from your mouth. If I had to choose, I would just take it through the mouth like normal (plus it's not really pleasant to shove a glass mouthpiece up multiple people's noses in a group session...). My guess is the lowered doseage was due to your cutting back (always factor in a tolerance break if your a heavy smoker, otherwise you really are burning up a lot of excess herb >.<).
  8. Who are you?!
  9. Ive takin a shotty through my nose..( forget what i call them,but you make a fist at your mouth and well you get the point) really didnt see a diffrence in the high and i have a medium/high tolerance
  10. #10 Eric_Fortis, May 11, 2011
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    As opposed to a T-break, I've instead cut down on smoking exponentially. From an 1/8th a day to about .2 of a gram per session, less than three per day, until my tolerance matches the amount I'm smoking. I got a little high, but not very. This was in the beginning, but now my highs have started getting slightly better each time.
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    Call me Eric, sir.
  12. Snorting pills and "snorting" smoke are two completely different things. Snorting pills is akin to snorting cocaine, and "snorting" smoke or vapor shouldn't get you higher. Shouldn't.
  13. I've snorted on my vape whip. Not so bad.

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