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Snortin OCs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lapse, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. My friend was tryin' to get me to snort some Oxy Cotins... But I really dont know shit about them, I always thought you just swallowed them... Than my other friend told me you could OD alot easier snorting them, than taking them... So the first guys like you barely get high just swallowing them...

    Any advice/info?
    What are the effects of OCs?
    Is it easy to take to many?

  2. hell yeah it's easy to take too many of them damn things. if you've never done 'em before (assuming they're up there strength wise) try half a pill... anything more might be a little pushin' it.

    don't do a whole pill you first time

    NEVER do two pills

    and i'd just eat 'em. but i don't much like putting things up my nose, so i guess i'm a bit biased, lol.

    go to

    read up on what them things do to you (or can do to you) before you decide if you want to try 'em or not.
  4. No OCs for me... Doesnt seem like my steez...

    The biggest part of my high is my deeper though, I dont wanna use little of my brain :-\... Thanks alot cottins, your just saved me a potentially bad experience

    Bolded Key Parts That Make Me Not Want To Use This

    I have never experimented with any opiates or opioids stronger than oxycodone and hydrocodone. But these I have much experience with. I have dosed oxycodone about four times in my life, hydrocodone about 10, ODing on it once. I almost always take my dope orally. I tried administrating the drug by snorting a few times but concluded it wasn't effective, considering both hydrocodone and oxycodone come w/ about 100 mg of aspirin or tylenol per pill. That is a lot of material to snort--hard on your nose. I have never attempted to ingest either drug by IV. I believe using a needle to administer opiates, opioids, and stimulants is solely a tool for addicts to make the drug more effective. Believing myself to be no addict, I never use a needle.

    Approximately twenty minutes after ingestion the old familiar warmness, itchy, euphoric feelings set in. The euphoric feelings began to intensify until reaching a plateau for about three hours 50 minutes after ingestion. At this point, speech was slurred considerably, but nothing a little concentration couldn't handle, coordination was very impaired, the body is very relaxed and at peace, and small but pleasant, vertigo-like feelings were felt, however, nothing nearly as strong as 4th-plateau DXM trips or even Acid.

    On opioids, no visuals are seen nor desired to be seen. Little interest is taken upon the world--no fascination with pretty flowers, or a blue sky; Its more of an oblivious, 'spaced out' feeling high. Mental cloudiness is present, making thinking hard. But this proves to be no obstacle--talking is very easy. Talking intelligently isn't however- but can be achieved with a little willpower.

    The duration of these opioids are about 3-5 hours. When completely down--a very relaxing sensation is felt through out the body--leaving you with no desire for more.

    It can be ultimately said that while acid makes you use 80% of your brain, opioids make you use 1% of it. Opioids and Opiates truely narrow your view and interest to think about things--to sit back and just philosophize. This is why I do not abuse these drugs. I enjoy thinking and pondering the origins of anything from the universe to a molecule of dirt for hours on end. But a rare change from this never hurt anybody. Opioids are very pleasant, but not life changing and profound. Not as spirtual--more physical and numbing. Yet enjoyable.

    There are many things I notice w/ the recreational usage of opioids--

    ~those you are close to seem even closer, I dare to say the feelings may be somewhat similiar to minute doses of E
    ~the old familiar euphoric feeling you get on pain killers: pleasant drowsiness, pleasant intertia, comfortable itching, and intense, strung-out, euphoria

    ~pupils don't always diliate- my pupils become very small, but seemed to blend in with the color of my eyes.
    ~nearly impossible to reach orgasm until at LEAST 24 hours after heavy doses

    ~sensitivity to light, loud talk, and music.
    ~the feeling of annoyance is always lurking amongst those you even dislike the least bit. I suggest being alone or in close company of those you truely love and like.
  5. oxy's are bad. an make bad people even worse.
    they seem to have become a big problem round here for about the past year.

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