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    I know that my parents snoop through my room, and my car. I've caught my mom snooping around once before, but now she found a bottle of liquor i had under my bed, which was behind a ton of boxes, and against the wall way out of sight. she told me that it was sticking out from under my bed and took it, which is an obvious lie. And because my car smelled like weed one time, she now takes my car without telling me, i know that she take it to see what it smells like, and most likely to do a nice run through my things. I know the obvious answer to that question is to move out, but i wont be able to until the spring. How do i tell my parents to either fuck off, or quit being so fucking shady p.i.?

  2. Did you buy the car? Is it your house that you pay part of the rent for? Move out when you can and be free; put up with this shit for now.
  3. If you truely think smoking cannabis is harmless then why hide it?

    my parents used to be on my back about smokin it up. Whenever they asked "are you stoned?!" id tell them "yup"..then go upstairs and play warcraft 3 for several hours
  4. you can get a deadbolt for your door
  5. Some people's opinions aren't as easily changed as others, the governments for example, stubbornness unfortunately runs in our veins :rolleyes:.
  6. empty out one of your clothing drawers, fill it with porno mags and videos, opened condoms, smoking devices and those fake medical srynges, the ones that shoot water and 6 or 7 boxes of ciggarettes.

    THen on the bottom leave a note saying ''Dont go digging through someones things if you dont wanna see what you find''
  7. Start snoopin' through their shyt and see how they like it:laughing:
  8. This... could probably result in a call to the police
  9. I agree... Time to give your moms panty drawer a serious rummage through
  10. time to grow up. you're living in their house. if you're 21 then the liquor thing should be no problem. if they dont like your lifestyle then you need to get yo ass a job and move the fuck out or respect their home.
    parents snooping isn't cool but if i caught my parents doin it id have a discussion about y. and if i was a parent id snoop the fuck out of my kids, and when i found something i didnt like id confront them so y not confront your own parents about something u dont like about them?
  11. Hah musty old thread but I have the same problem. The car especially too. But I'm saving up to buy my own car and take care of it.
  12. My parents used to search my stuff too. I think they still do, but I'm moved out. When I'm around them though, I just make sure there's nothing on my person.
    But if you can't move out until spring, then don't smoke in your car and invest in a bunch of febreeze for your clothes. Rhoto V eyedrops.
    Either be more careful and don't hide things in places they'll find. I started hiding things in other rooms in the house.
    If you don't pay rent there, then it is their house, and you should listen to their rules.
    I know it sucks, but that's why I don't smoke or do any drugs when I visit their house. More than not wanting to get caught, it's just out of respect for them.
    They have put up with me for 19 years. LOL.
  13. I'm going to assume he's under 21 for the alcohol, and that's why she took it. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be hiding it in the first place. I'd either go with the angry/yelling approach (I chose this one, and it actually worked for me) or you could go with the telling them the truth aspect.

    Either way, make sure you tell em to shove it.

  14. Leave notes around your room saying, "im losing respect for you" or " stop goin through my shit" :p
  15. go through her shit and when she has company over just happen to leave something embarassing out. like granny panties with a skid mark or something.
  16. cut up a couple of asprin and put them into lines on a book or something next a straw in your dresser and get like a jug of milk and label it like pcp or something just to freak them out

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