Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Grow Journals' started by snoopdog6502, Feb 4, 2014.

  1. Mate very nice that room is really well set up and Betty looks like she'll put out ;)
  2. Autos are growing like a weed.
    The little ones that were with Betty are doing fine.
    Betty boop is a big fat bitch now she has her own tub.
    Other babies look good.
    . hyrdoc4.jpg
    Pulled 5 males out of the flower room. fucking waste of time. Clones is where its at. fem seeds are cool. all seeds better be fem to grow inside.
  3. Yup been down that road before male plants are a headache.
    I've been thinking of breaking down and making a trip to Tacoma or Seattle next month to get several different strains. Might try the cannabis market or something. I don't really care for the genetics that I currently have. Your grow is looking awesome man!
  4. White gold was one I just loved, I need to grow it again.
  5. nice setup there snoopdog, again, I wish I can run 3000w :D
  6. That bubblelicious in the background is looking fat and healthy excited to see her flower..keep up the good work snoop

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  7. 3 weeks Iv been going and all is well but the stinking males.
    I figured out I culled 16 mature males in the last couple weeks. Beautiful plants, that's a whole light load of plants not going to be flowered. :)
    Take the good with the bad i suppose. :)
  8. Ever think about using cs to make your own fem beans snoop? Been looking into it myself to have a nice fem seed stock

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  9. or keep a mother plant? better yet a few mother plants :)
    between me and a mate, we keeping 4 or 5 strains of mothers at the minute
    yes I dosed some branches in early flower and I think they all went male on me and were not girls.
    I hang more lights and my woman might trip out for a little while. Oh well she will get over it.
    I have to laugh at that one :D
  13. Fuckin awesome Bro :metal:
    Everything looks fantastic!
  14. flower room is slowly getting pumped up.
    Some cute little babies.
    Bigger babies And solo cubs.
    Betty still a fat bitch.
    My newer autos are growing nicely.
  15. Your plants are growing faster than mold grows on bread.. Question, How important is it to adjust the PH when you grow hydro? and do you know how much Liters per minute you really need? (the airpump) I'm starting the shopping for my second grow already, so for now I'm just working on the shopping list
  16. Sick..... I'm looking at a commercial pump too, more into the 70L model with 8 outputs, the price on the one you posted is nice but shipping is more expensive than the product itself (lol) probably in the states it's a free shipping or something
  17. Looking great sir! :)
  18. you can never have too much air! I run a 35L/min pump in one five gallon bucket-one plant: the more air the better, you literally cannot have too much air short of roots drying out. and you have to make sure the air stone you purchase is up to the task.  and pH is important but it needs to be allowed to fluctuate a little bit. I go 5.6-6.2, just never go below 5.2 and above 6.2.

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