Snoopdogs Hydro 4,000W winter of 2015.

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    Its a sunny day under the 1,000W MH, its 72 degrees , 55% RH  wind is light and variable. PH 5.5
    Ok I picked up a cheap kit to get my feet wet with indoor hydro.. It came with some no name nutes.I have done some outdoor aqua culture. We have had a beautiful aquaponic set up with an old hot tub in the summer
    Im not going to stress or trip out, I have 30 years of growing experience. Chances are it will be overgrown faster than I want. The soil grow is going hog wild and is no challenge at all. After this gets going I will be upgrading and have some stuff on order.
    One bubblicious clone and 10 white rhino autoflower seeds. I put the clone off to one side on purpose because I figure it will be big soon. It was growing in the bubble cloner and has roots about 8 inches long. 
    Its not much but its a start, I will post some of the soil grow pics too as it progresses. hydro1.jpg

  2. ill be pullin up a seat for this one
  3. good luck man, i'll be reading
  4. Well not much to see on the wimpy little DWC clone and unsprouted seeds but have some bud shots of the upcoming harvest.
    My flower room just starting to turn with photoperiod plants, LST them late after they got tall. fucking things, I like sea of green and autos so I just dont have to fuck with them.
    fr1.jpg .
    The autos were moved into the veg room taking up some spare space as I moved some plants out to the flower room.
    I tend to not harvest all at once so end up with little 200-300 gram harvest.
    13 plants in all. I still may give them a week+ more
    The buds are half way ripe but I'm not in a hurry. let them pack on weight and frost up more.
  5. Fatty buds, dude.. Nice work.
  6. Im in here man! Those ladies are going to love that 1000w MH. Id get that pH up to 5.8-6. What nutes do you plan on running? Gotta keep everything on point when you are messing with Auto's, little room for error in hydro.
  7. Dunno how I didnt see this sooner, not a hydro guy but its Snoop so im in.
    Earth Juice product line is available at a local farm and feed store.
    Its a trip you can get hydro solutions, 400-1000w HPS light bulbs and animal feed,hay,grains and a saddle for your horse all in the same place. LOL
    Rednecks like a little herb too...:D
    I test my ph with test tube and drops right now.
    I am in search of good meter/pens ppm/ph at a reasonable price, any links would be appreciated.
  9. harvested 13 autos today , they were grown in 3 square feet. I thing the dry yield will be nice.
  10. Lookin good snoop. The colas from your autos are pretty fat. Which strain were they?
  11. Thanks!
    White Rhino, I bread those autos from the fattest fasted flowering plants I had and hit the jackpot.
    I have a lot of seeds from that seed crop. I found it wise to grow a seed crop every so often.
    View attachment 1331594
  12. Wow thats a lot of seeds.. I need to step my game up. I dont know much about producing my own seeds other then the basics. Looks like I need to do some more research lol. Keep up the good work snoop.
    not much too it just some time and space. we grow several vegetable gardens where a cannabis plant can get lost and is hard to find.
  14. 3 seeds have poked their heads up and are growing. It will be interesting to see how seedlings go in my setup.
    Its some babies. Also I don't think they are ready to harvest. :laughing:
  15. Before and after 1 week. Over all I am very pleased with how its going.
    View attachment 1365997 hydro4.jpg
    The seeds are up and going. Babies2.jpg
    PH looks good. ph1.jpg
    The Clone has good roots into the res. roots.jpg
    Very happy with the way the clone looks. hydro3.jpg
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    everything looking good snoop..that bubblelicious is stacked lol tight ass nodes

    giving me the growing fever lol might pop a bean or two over here for an early outdoor start, gotta dial everything in first

    what kind of mix you run on the soiled plants?
  17. Dam bro.. them things look heavy, and in 3feet? Holy shit... That is awesome.
    I get 2 CF of Organic Choice miracle grow, add perlite, bone meal, blood meal a fat pinch of epson salts and mix it up in a tote with a couple hand fulls of steer manure.
    A $40 kit off E bay can get you a little hydro set up like what I have. It comes complete. Just add water. :)
    The key to my grows is the lights, they would be real weak if I did not use the 1,000w.
    here is my flower room all soil. fr1.jpg
    Yea they are my production plants, they produce like crazy.
    I bet I could plant nothing but them (100) under a 1000w SOG and kick the shit out of 1G/1W in soil let alone hydro.
    My best is 1.17 g per watt.
    There is 10 seeds in the hydro system now so Ill see what this little unit can do.
    My woman and I are very geeky, we will have a vertical flooded tube set up one day.

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