Snoop smokin in Saudi

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  1. Snoop smokin something?? anyone heard of it?

    [ame=""]Video: Snoop Dogg Smoking Pure Tobacco In Saudi Arabia! (Place Where You Can get Beheaded For This)[/ame]
  2. looks like tincture?

    im curious too
  3. snoop is a lighter hog
  4. Its called Dokha I smoke it from time to time. Its middle Eastern tobacco that has been cured for a long time so there is a lot higher nicotine. You take a small hit out of that pipe which is called a midwak, and it gives you like a 2 minute intense buzz.
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    . Snoop was in Abu dhabi. Not in Saudi. He couldn't travel to Saudi. Who wrote this? I use to buy my Dokha at the shop snoop went too, they had pictures. But it was the UAE not saudi. Lol

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