Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion

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    NEW YORK (AP) Snoop Dogg wants you to know that he's tired of hip-hop, is Bob Marley reincarnated and is embracing reggae instead of the culture of guns he once rapped about.

    Also, he's got a new name: Snoop Lion.

    The artist said at a news conference Monday in New York that he was born again; during a visit to Jamaica in February and is ready to make music that his kids and grandparents can listen to.

    The former gangster rapper is releasing a reggae album called Reincarnated in the fall. He said that in Jamaica, he connected with Bob Marley's spirit and is now Bob Marley reincarnated.

    Bob Marley's son Rohan attended the conference and gave Snoop his blessing.

    I feel like I've always been Rastafarian, Snoop said of the spiritual Jamaican movement. While there, he said, he visited a temple, was renamed Snoop Lion and was also given the Ethiopian name Berhane, meaning light of the world.

    Snoop didnt explain why he was switching from Dogg to Lion, but its likely a reference to the Lion of Judah, a religious symbol popular in Rastafarian and Ethiopian culture.

    Later, he played five songs for a small crowd, including one called "No Guns Allowed" It features his daughter and includes the lyrics, "No guns allowed in here tonight, we're going to have a free for all, no fights."

    "It's so tragic that people are doing stupid things with guns", he said.

    Snoop, best known for hits like Gin and Juice and Drop It Like It's hot , is an avid supporter of marijuana rights and has been banned from entering Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount last month.

    He said that in Jamaica, where he stayed for 35 days, he grew closer to his wife, who saw his transition. He added that he's excited to perform music that his family and children can listen to.

    Snoop Dogg said he's not completely retiring from hip-hop but is tired of the genre because it is no longer challenging.

    "Reggae was calling, and its a breath of fresh air" he said.

    The album was produced by Diplo and will feature Snoop singing. It will be released on Vice Records.

    The album will be followed with a documentary of the same name, also produced by Vice. It features Snoop making music and will include some personal elements of his life, a producer of the film said. It will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

    "It feels like I'm 19 or 20 years old again", he said.

    Source: Snoop Dogg Becomes Snoop Lion, Readies Reggae CD
  2. why is this '',”'' in the middle of every word?
  3. [quote name='"home wrecker"']why is this '',”'' in the middle of every word?[/quote]

    Don't see it on mobile. Hmm hold on i'll try to fix it
  4. Whatever floats his boat lol
  5. :laughing: snoops ate up.. wearin some john lennon glasses and shit, silly ass
  6. This was sudden, is he still gonna smoke?
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    Bob Marley is never coming back. Can someone be reincarnated when they are still alive?

    Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley, OM (6 February 1945 – 11 May 1981)

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. (born October 20, 1971)

    I don't know anything about Rastafarian reincarnation. If someone can fill me in, I'll be grateful.

  8. /facepalm

  9. no, he turns rasta and THEN he decides to quit smokin ....
  10. OK its fixed. Don't know what happened there lol.
  11. Can't fucking wait for that album
  12. Not even a good rapper. Later bro
  13. He's been smoking some way to strong shit in Jamaica lol

  14. Let's hear your raps
  15. He finally smoked too much.

  16. Not sure if stupid. Or just stupid.

  17. He's a rastafarian now lol of course he's going to smoke
  18. Just because he is rastafarian foesnt mean he has to smoke. I was just curious if anyone knew for sure
  19. [quote name='"Bombur"']

    Let's hear your raps[/quote]

    His rap style is basic then again he's old af. Put me in a studio and I'll spit flame
  20. Pop star name change? Thats how you know they aren't relevant anymore.

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