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  1. If you're family is involved and could be physically threatened, would you snitch?
    Do you think snitching is ever okay?

    Personally, I believe if you put yourself into a situation where you might have to snitch, you shouldn't. As in, if you're selling stolen products or something, you're obligated not to snitch.

    But if you're just a normal person, not snitching won't do anything for you other than leave you in jail or dead.

    Anyways, what is GC's views on this subject?

  2. How is this even a question? :rolleyes:

  3. Because some people think snitching is alright so there's two sides to the story.
    So if your family was under serious threat, you wouldn't tell the authorities?
  4. Dude no, this is family you're talking I don't know about you but I look after my own..
  5. thefuck?

    its all about priorities... who do you prioritize more? your family or your friends?
  6. explain ur situation alittle better

  7. I don't have a situation, it's just an example. But let's say that a gang puts a hit out on your brother and mother. Snitch or no snitch?

    I'd snitch if my parents were in danger.

  8. Snitch...that's such an ugly word hahah
  9. snitches get stitches
  10. last year i got jumped by 3 sureno's with brass knuckles on em all over them looking for a friend of mine

    did i say shit? no.
  11. Situations where snitching is morally acceptable are few and far between.
  12. buy a gun learn the double tap method
  13. Authorities won't help... Only u can help urself... Don't listen to all the bullshit brainwashing PIGS (establishment) tells u because in the end they really don't care about u or me.... So don't snitch get a lawyer and keep your mouth shut
  14. I have a policy where, I'll snitch to save my friends.. Like if some douchie kid smokes pot in the bathroom, and me and all my friends get blamed for it. But if I am in the wrong.. Say I smoke pot in the bathroom of my school with all my friends, and I get caught.. I won't snitch on my friends.

    I won't snitch on my friends unless something very valuable is at hand.. Like a family member, or expulsion from my school. Ya know. It's very situationalz
  15. If I commit a crime with someone else and I'm the only one that gets caught, I won't snitch for a lighter sentence, because I put myself in that situation.

    If a group of people beat me up, I'd rather get back at them personally (or let it go) than snitch. I'd feel like a bitch.

    If I walk down the street and see someone shoot someone, get in a car and drive off, I think I would snitch. I dunno though. Never been in that situation.

    Two cops once asked me if I knew anything about dealing going on in a certain house, but I wasn't under arrest and he had no charge against me so I didn't tell him. "Your job is to figure that out guys".

    Since that's the closest I've ever gotten to becoming a snitch, these are all hypothetical answers. I don't put myself above snitching, anything can happen and anything is possible. If it's either snitching or having a friend/family member killed, I'd snitch in a heartbeat. I'd rather live with the label snitch than knowing I could've prevented someone's death.
  16. Snitching doesn't solve anything. The guy your snitching on would just come after you once he is out. ( That's what i would do )

    I like to take justice in my hand, cops would just make things complicated.
  17. Here's a better example:

    What do you do?
  18. Snitches get stiches for bein little bitches!! End of story!!
  19. It depends on how well you know your accomplice.

    I know that my best friends wouldn't snitch, but if I was arrested with a guy I don't trust, then I'd fuck him before he fucks me.

  20. /thread

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