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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Well tonight is the night I hear the bad news. My wife has been at the womens Doctor today discussing, among other things, me getting a vasectomy.

    As of now I still plan on going through with it as long as the Doc says my toes will still curl up at orgasm and I don't lose my bass in my voice.
  2. Dude!!! Good luck to you!!! I always felt it was my responsibility to close the factory-ya know? I've never heard of any men having a hard time getting this done. Once again, good luck!!!
  3. BPP, the operation isn't bad at all so my friends and relatives have said. I am haveing mine cut around christmas. I will have more time to recooperate. I wish you well on the cut.
    let us know what happens.

  4. that sounded kinda funny
    good luck to both of ya
  5. Maybe we should throw a "cutting Party". [​IMG]

    Good luck, you guys.

  6. Would you come and hold my~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~hand??

  7. Well, maybe you'll stay in the yard now, and won't get in the trash, and sleep in the sun for extended periods, and you'll also get really fat.

    Wait a that dogs?

    Just remember, for a week or so afterwards, no matter how bad the monkey is, don't spank him!:)

    I'll walk funny that day, just outta sympathy.

    Hey Budhead!

    Have the kids gather round you and sing "O Christmas Tree" only change the words to "Viasectomy"!

    Should be as touching as a "Brady Bunch Christmas!"

    Have a nice cut you two.
  8. WHen I got home tonight I asked her what the womedn Doc said. After the drive and exam she wasn't feeling too good. She rolled her eyes and said "He said , Boy your husband must have a big dick, 'cause your pretty stretched out"

    Like a total dumbass I replied "Hell Yeah, That SOB knows his stuff!"

    But on another note, She's gonna get a referal for a good "tree surgeon" and we're gonna snip 'em off sometime this winter. I just hope its not some old drunk sawbones with Mr. MaGoo type glasses.
  9. I don't think i could stand to hear the song "Oh vasectomy". That would just be rotten!

    BPP, come on back to Tennessee and my dr. can do yours the same day as mine. At least we wouldn't be alone in this ordeal. We might get him to do two for the price of one!

  10. Funny thing is it isn't broke, so we are going to break it. That just doesn't sound right to me!
  11. Hey Big Poppa,
    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. A snip for you and a few stiches for her. You'll be shooting blanks and she'll have gotten the slak out!


    Free the Weed plant a seed (On Gov't lands)
  12. Well, Bud I will have to pass you up on your offer. I don't watch myself get cut so I know I don't want to watch you get snipped either. I think this is an operation left up to a man and his Doc.

    The wife is pushing forty and the pills are starting to give her problems, so its in her best interest for me to do this. And you know husbands, what is good for the wife is good for you.

    She wants me to do it soon so she can give up the pills. She did ask me last night how long after the operation she would have to stay on the pill. I told her that I had checked up and that it was up to her. She said "Huh?" I said that you have to "clean the pump out" at least 30 to 40 times before they check the sperm count and release the wife from the pill. (In reality its about 15 to 20 times, but I doubled it up to see if she would bite.HAHA!) She siad it looks like we are going to be busy for a couple of weeks when I feel like climbing back in the saddle. I said this is what you wanted so just be ready to rumbllllllllllllllllleeee!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. hehe,.... a little crude but my humor tends to run that way

  14. ( ))XXXXXXXXXXXD cut it? :eek: ouch! i would cry if i had to do that! sorry. good luck to both of you brave men.
  15. Good luck with the snippings! I will cross my fingers for you, hope you have a doctor with a steadied hand and much experience in this matter.

    I just got my flu shot from a pro, and it didn't even hurt. Maybe if you get a pro snipper, you won't even notice it?

    What an awesome husband to do this for your wife~ :) Good luck and best wishes~
  16. Just dont have a smoke with the Doc beforehand!!!
    Good luck mate and may your toes still curl!!!
  17. Well Big Poppa have you been SNIPPED yet??

    I had it done 1st day of February. Just wondering if you have gotten the courage up to have it done yet?

    I haven't had any problems other than a little swelling here and there from too much heavy lifting. It was really easier than i thought. Now the wife says she is going to go ahead and have her tubes tied just to make sure.
  18. Not yet! I keep asking Momma to set it up but she hasn't done it yet. It looks like she may have to have some heavy duty women surgery and she said we will wait to see if she has to be cut. She said if she has to be cut then I get a free ride and don't get cut.
  19. Yeah right, you're wimping out!
    In all seriousness, I hope Momma Puff is ok and this is nothing serious~~ Prayers for her and health (sorry BPP, I wish you the free ride but more for her health lol)
  20. I understand Big Poppa. Theres not much use in the both of you getting cut.

    Momma is still going to have her tubes tied even though i have been cut. Go figure.

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