Sneaky sneaky! 400w hps/mh.

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  1. I will do man. Always enjoy watching them flower and veg (flower is just a little more fun Ahaha) ya I will do man I posted a link I believe earlier in this thread of my other grow check it out. I have one white pearl I am about to chop and 3 12/12 from seed that is about 3 weeks from chop and then 4 more 12/12 from seed that have about 2 months.
  2. Thanks man. Ya stay tuned plan on doing some crazy LST and make this girl into a monster tree Ahaha I like when they are big and bushy as hell!
  3. she is getting big looking good looks like she loving the hps :hello:
  4. Ya she is loving the light man she is under mh right now
  5. How's the floros compare yield , time, quality .???

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  6. Y sand??

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  7. I haven harvested off this light yet but about be decent. I got a good bit off one plant with one month veg and 2 month flower. Haven't weighed it yet still drying. The quality is amazing though grew beautiful and didn't have any problems. Plenty of light and extremely low heat. Ill pos yield once it is done but super sticky and tons of trichs. The sand though keeps the gnats from going after the soil. Put a inch on top and it stops them. If you mix if with the soil it helps the roots grow faster and increases growth. It's a mix of organic soil fertilizer and sand with perilite. For both grows that is also.
  8. Subd. Cant wait to see your results!
  9. Thanks man. Love the followers! Going to do my best to impress. Should be a nice grow from when I had a 600 watt hps grow. I think the only thing I have yet to grow with so far is a 1000watt. Starting LST tomorrow prob. May have to wait a little longer. The mh is keeping it so short and bushy I actually raised it to try and get a little height Ahaha
  10. Wat size was it when light time changed after 1 month

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  11. I used a 4ft 8 bulb quantum bad boy that is 760 watts about 57,000 lumens. I used 8 bulbs for veg and 4 flowering bulbs and 4 veg bulbs during flower. Shitty pic but this is her drying. Same watts and lumens during veg as flower.

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  12. Here is a link of my floro grow. I haven't really updated pics of all the others but you can see the transformation of when I got the clone and how sad it looked compared to after I got done with her.
  13. Ok so I checked her today and then was curious on how she was growing so i looked at her lest pic that was taken on the 13th. First pic is the one from the 13th and the second is from 3 days after! Nice improvement she is growing fast! Love it! So excited!!! Anyways let the mind be blown.

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