Sneaky sneaky! 400w hps/mh.

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    Growing in an antique cabinet with a 400watt hps/mh using ff nutes and soil. I have a 400 cfm fan on a speed controller thats keeping it perfect. This grow will be white widow x big bud. Carbon filter with 6 inch cool tube and smart pot. Should be a nice grow can't wait. Planted her today. Tested it and temps stay around 75-76 perfectly with 40-50% humidity.

    I will be LST and scrog with super cropping.

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  2. Mmm... With the height you have I'd grow some sativias if I were you :)
  3. :Wave: I got a bunch if dif strains. I will be mainly doing hybrids just because I prefer them. Def going to make some trees though plan on using all that space.
  4. :wave: i will be following this grow nice setup im planning my next grow here soon on the lookout for some materials right now

    looking forward to watching the growth
  5. Will be watching this grow. Awesome setup u got going on there. You just going to stick with 1 plant that dresser looks huge!
  6. Stick with one giant plant at a time right now might go with two after a little man. Testing to see the stench of one then move to two. Thanks tho man. Modified it a bit since the pics and seed shed it's shell.
  7. Nice very interested.
  8. :Wave: Thanks man appreciate the support everyone keeps saying it can be done. I keep saying it can so now I am showing. Should make a monster plant. Using a 400 mh to veg and a 400 hps to flower should be nice. The temps stay low fora cabinet housing a 400 watt can't wait to we results. I have another grow with 760 watts of fluorescents. With 57,600 approx lumens. (8 bulbs rated at 7200 lumens)
  9. That plant is going to be big!..and with that carbon filter I dont think you'll ever smell it(unless you wanted too).The whole cabinet looks very well thought out.Good-job man.
  10. top right corner of left door i see light...
  11. Ya it has a little light seepage there. I am getting foam tape to patch that tomorrow. The lights are only on at night and I sleep in that room so no one will see it when the light is on.
  12. Thanks man. Not my first rodeo lol. Ya I want a tree in there Ahaha. It shredded its shell and popped first 4 leaves out already just planted it last night too! Not to mention its big bud white widow so big colas! Thanks for the support tho man
  13. Thanks man. Appreciate the support. I don't want anyone to smell it that's why I went with a 400 cfm fan and over kill filter. Thanks again though keep posted on it and we shall see how big I can get her. I want a tree. Switching to 3 gal smart pot later. Can't wait to see how this big bud white widow grows!
  14. I just found 2- 3gal smart pots that I cant wait to try! I have some straight white widow clones in my tray,im gonna watch yours.We just harvested a GPD/Big Bud cross and its a good smoke.
  15. Thanks man ya I bought my 3 gal for $2.50 after this grow I am going to upgrade to a 5 or 7 gal just to up my plant size. Should be a nice grow and smoke. Never had this strain. I got about 15 dif strains I am going to be growing.
  16. Hey very nice setup you got there. Looks very clean and well setup! Whats holding you back from going to a 5 or 7 gal pot this grow?
  17. How bigs that cab?
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    6.5 ft tall 4ft wide and 2.5ft deep.
  19. [quote name='"pg08"']

    6.5 ft tall 4ft wide and 2.5ft deep.[/quote]

    I'm building a cab about the same size I'm using PDF board and I would like to know how would you add a lock? And how loud is your set up?
  20. You can't hear the fan or anything running with the cabinet shut outside of the room. Inside the room it is a slight humming that's all. I used two small slide latch locks on the bottom. You just push them down and they hold the left door shut. Then I got an old lock off eBay and put it on and there is a board with a slit in it and it olds it shut. You can use a bunch of easier ways but that's how mine is. Try tool box locks they are easy. Or small locks from Home Depot and lowes they have a bunch of dif kinda and can help you do it or tell u how.

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