sneaky little bug

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cochiseg, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. a flying bug in my bedroom one night. i hit it with the most stupid thing didnt kill it and it disappeared.

    next morning im vaping and i notice something on the whip near the bong (its a black whip a so was the bug)
    really suprised me to say the less... i almost shit my pants rly i think it was there for half an hour right beside me while i vape

    i think it was the one i hurt the night before i caught 2 of these at most.

    maybe the bug had found some sorts of healing compounds from the plant sticking on the vape parts or maybe just the black color had it land there...
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  2. heres the bugs i think i found 2 of em [​IMG]

    this shitter is a bit of a clumsy flyer i thought it was some sort of wasp so thats why i was hurried to hit it at first...
  3. looks more like some sort of beetle..I see them OUTSIDE (TG) a lot.
  4. Assassin bug. They carry some FUCKED up disease that you don't want to get.
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  5. yeah damn i knew it meant business when i saw it on the whip hiding there... it must have found a way to rly piss me off by crawling on my favorite appliance in the home
  6. Nah Bruh, that's actually a THC beetle, similar to its larva form, the THC worm. Would explain it's strange behavior around the bong.
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  7. Beetles aren't particularly graceful fliers since they are pretty heavy.
  8. Definitely not an Assassin Bug, no pronounced proboscis and the legs are too short and the abdomen is too wide.
  9. Looks like a black Halyomorpha beetle.
    Aka, a stink bug.

    Not an issue, just catch and release the little fella.
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  10. So this little bug started it's life as a stoner, but once it was injured it went medicinal :p.
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  11. So we need OP to get a live one really fucking close to his face, smack it around to set it off so the little bastard loses its shit and then we will know for sure...

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