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Sneaky Beaver Set-Up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChamberChamber, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. For those of us who still smoke at home, whats your in house set-up for smoking herb and being ready to hide it at a moments notice. I've got my bong in my window thats facing out back (Nobody see's in it) but only when I'm smoking so if somebody knocks I can just close the blind and its hidden. I hide me weed inside of a PS3 Metal tin from EB games. And most important, my door has a lock (Saved my ass sooo many times)

    Mom: Why is your door locked?
    Me: *Bubble Bubble Bubble* Im changing my boxers!!

  2. hmm thats pretty slick, but um i mean what about the SMELL?
  3. I made a weed blowie out of a paper towel tube, hot glue, fabric, and a few dryer sheets. I blow the smoke out the window, but the little bit that blows back in smells like gain :)
  4. This thread isn't what I was expecting it to be.
  5. I have a safe hidden behind my TV. As far as the smell goes, Ozium is the shit. I don't smoke in my room, but sploofs do a damn good job of covering it up, espcially when smoking out of bowls. Just try and hit it until the cherry dies out or cover it up if you can't. Then spray some Ozium or Axe, though Axe smells like a mermaids snatch in my honest opinion.
  6. Yeah, Axe smells nasty and it's fairly obvious to parents that if their kid's room smells like Axe a few times a week they're covering up the scent of weed.
  7. Okay I haven't told many people about my setup but I guess I'll fill you all in now. This is the absolute best way to keep your stuff hidden and toke incognito. Did you see the movie with the cupboard and the indian toy that came to life? If so good get one of those cupboards and if not google it. Also you need your own personal wizard of at least "grey" class, for this example I'll be using Gandalf the White. Also you need a toy lightsaber. Next up you need a closet big enough for you to fit in. Now this is where the magic starts. You need to put the toy lightsaber into the cupboard and transform it into a real lightsaber. Pretty cool huh? Be very careful with it or else you will end up severing one of your limbs (I accidently cut off my dogs leg :(). Now cut a large 2'x2' square in your closet, if you can't fit through it make it larger but not too much because most wizards can't handle squares larger than 3'x3'. Now that you have your hole and your chunk of wall on the floor tell your wizard to turn the hole into a portal to Narnia with the spell "Treeus, Prius". Now you can go into Narnia and toke in peace :smoking:. But watch out for that huge talking lion. I ran into him once and it was bad news. Anyways after you are done toking go back into your room and tell your wizard to seal up the wall. Once he does that tell him he can be done for the day and enjoy your high! :bongin:
  8. Haha Ill be sure to try this.
  9. omg, wtf? i'm not even high. huh?

    i used to have to hide my toking from my parents... now i'm hiding my toking from my kids! they're young and have no clue, but still...... the funny thing is, when and if they start smoking, they will NOT be able to hide it from me. whatsoever.

    i toke in the bathroom in the basement. after they have gone to bed. ;)
  10. r u underage? it sounds like u are, get off now:mad:
  11. Shut the front door sir, you're accusations are totally unnecessary.
    I still live with my parents, and I'm not underaged so hush up.

    I'll take pictures of my sneaky beaver set up in a few minutes, it's advanced haha.

  12. I second that motion! haha

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