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Sneaking weed and pipe at concert

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrWalkway, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. so in 2 days ill be seeing odd future (OFWGKTA in case you didnt know) at the electric factory in philadelphia and i was wondering how easy it is to sneak weed in there. idk iv been having some sketchy thoughts about security finding it. i also have this metal one hitter made from a pen and wanted to bring that in my sock. would they find it? For anyone that's been there,are they strict with weed? idk i just wanna be high while im there lol
  2. I don't personally know the place but imo it's probably better to smoke before the concert then during. That way your high and you don't have to worry about security at all.
  3. Just tape joints to your chest or something. If you are worried about smell,use a pipe so you can pack a bowl,hit it,then corner it and put a quarter on the bowl to stop the cherry. Also,stash weed in your crotch and put the small pipe wherever on your person like the shoe idea you had. All the concerts i have been to weed was smelt from miles. Even before I began toking I would notice the smell. Idk about your concert,but you might be fine. Worst case scenario just get super high before you go preferably without having to drive or smoke inside your car
  4. Haha if there's too much security just toke up in the bathroom or even less risky before the concert.
  5. I went to see the Wu-Tang Clan in Manchester, probably a bigger venue, but it was totally cool, people were passing joints inside, everything... The trick seemed to be, if security are clearly doing random searches, offer yourself to be searched, something like "Do you need to check me?" and generally look all innocent. That's if your heart is set on bringing weed - smoking inside your car before ain't a bad idea either!
  6. Try and roll some joints rather then a pipe. You can just stick joints in your pocket. And if you are on edge about blazing just wait and see if any other people start smoking and at an Odd Future concert.. believe me people will be blazing!
  7. I have been to that venue a few times, put it in your shoe man. But really, fuck the electric factory. there are way better venues in Philadelphia to hit up, none of which could handle an odd future set unfortunately...rock on.
  8. Every concert ive ever been to had joints being passed around. Lol. I doubt venues are gonna search you at all. Although ive never been to a venue outside of Ohio :p
  9. Mac miller concert at Ogden had people smoking blunts, joints, glass blunts, huge joints. o_O police were more worried about the boozers fighting to care about joint passing happening in front of em.
  10. I snuck weed in , at WOODSTOCK !!!!, But Nobody gave a fuck......The problem was sneaking weed OUT OF WOODSTOCK !
  11. the palladium in dallas doesn't check people, I just walk into there with that shit in my pocket, Sam Adams concert this friday
  12. I don't think I have ever been at a show where people weren't smoking! People were passing it around at John Mayer last summer. Security was only worried about alcohol. Some state troopers were there but they stuck out and were easy to avoid.
  13. roll up a few joints and stick em in your socks.

    when i went to a snoop and wiz concert last year the venue I went to was hot boxed as it was a dome.
  14. Rogers center, Deadmau5 concert i went to, joints everywhere in there, you can see puffs of smoke if you watch the dvd xD

  15. hey man, never been to the electric factory huh? you line up at the entrance which looks like a loading dock until some fat ass security guard tells everyone to go in, youll usually get a pat down to make sure no one has pipes in their sleeves. for a rap show they might have metal detectors, i wouldnt put it past them, it is in philly. bring a glass pipe, and your herb, leave the metal pipe at middle school where it belongs.
  16. Ive been do the venue 4 times and im going back in march. Its extremely easy to sneak in just put blunts/j's in your sock and your good to go. Works every time all the time
  17. iv been to the electric factory before but i was like 10 years old

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