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sneak bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by steve, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. any of you guys ever had sneak bud?
  2. what's that? like creeper?
  3. yeah you dont feel it then it just fuckin hits you
  4. ive had that a couple times. I was waiting for a bus after school with a buddy and we decided to roll up a spliff. we hit it down to the little bitty roach and tossed it. about 5 minutes later, i say to my friend "this shit is bunk, im not even buzzed" , seemed like right when i was done saying that, i could feel it comin on. Then it completely kicked my ass
  5. yea i got that bud once too. me and 3 friends smoked a huge spliff i made with 3 papers. after we smoked it we were like " wtf this is some wack bud". we shaked the spot and were sitting on a wall when it kicked in. then we said " damn this is some prettyy good bud" we were fucked up.
  6. ya.... me and my dealer, matt, who lives right next to me... were matching up some bowls, with his weed, and my weed( that he had sold to me), and after like 2 joints, i wasnt even buzzed, then it just kinda came up behing me and fucking made my head spin.... that was some good bud....
  7. I find that most of the bud I smoke is like this. I don't feel blazed at all, then 5 minutes later it hits me like a brick. Good shit, I love that feeling and that bud.

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