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Snaps vs. Bowls.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tightasfuck, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. on my last .6 or so of blackberry kush, not picking up till tomorrow, (connect left to norcal). wanna get the most out of it , just broke my bub so gonna use a pipe. should I pack a couple snaps and smoke them consecutively, or 2 fat bowls? (my pipe bowlpiece isn't that big, .3 at most. )
  2. Pack em fat and corner your hits
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  3. If you had a vape I would use that. Given your choices, I would small snaps to conserve.

    I love Blackberry Kush. Did you get a purple version?
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  4. ill usually take snaps when im runnin low, and bowls when i have plenty but thats me
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  5. yeah, not sure what I got. not my normal connect who i got this off of. it was fucking fire. 1.6 of blackberry kusha nd some other strain COVERED in hairs and trichomes. it smelled very pinty like og, so i was assuming it was og. the other i was confirmed was blackberry, so i got a bowl of blackberry nad a bowl of some unknown fire xD.
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  6. whats a snap?
  7. A snap is just pulling it all in one hit, I do not even know how you guys Corner, I really got to see it in action
  8. I like both, but it really depends on the situation. Snaps are great for solo sessions, but bowls are much better in my opinion, for group sessions. You might as well change the title to solo smoking vs group smoking, lol. :smoke:
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  9. Sometimes snaps piss me off because I go to hit it thinking its a full bowl and sink it without fully burning the bud or getting a full hit. I use a bong though.

    If I were you I'd wait until the perfect time to smoke and just pack a full one
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  10. I only snap bongs but I pack fat bowls :)
  11. Snappers, usually I do those with my G-bong, but if you wanna conserve.
  12. Id say grind it up and take mini snaps throughout the day and keep your stone going.
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  13. theres really no point in cornering if your bowl is small but if you've got a wide bowl you just light the "corners" (haha circles don't have corners)...think of it like a pie chart,split into 4 categories...

    haha im reminded of a blonde joke...

    How do you confuse a blonde?......

    ......................... Put her in a circle room and tell her to pee in the corner.

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  14. have one big bowl and then snap the rest as you please
  15. Snaps, or poppers as some call them, get the most out of your bud. Small individual hits that don't burn while no one is hitting the bong. Although, if you can handle your smoke, the hits tend to become quite large :p
  16. After seeing the size of American bowls and there shape(Buying a sick bong of GC tomoz hehe) I understand the concept. You see your average Australia metal cone piece(bowl) is just from the pictures I have seen looks about 1/4 the size of yours(In width can't spell diameter lol) and it is a complete cone shape where yours is more a literal bowl.
  17. Lol, wtf?
  18. [quote name='"OutOnTheTiles"']

    Lol, wtf?[/quote]

    I am also confused
  19. Ha lol snaps are gay load up a bowl

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