Snake!!! care advice sought

Discussion in 'General' started by budburner, May 1, 2002.

  1. Hi all, I recently acquired a young rosie boa constrictor. I'm snake sitting for a while. Just so you know, it's about as big around as my pinky (like that helps since you can't see my manly burly hands.... lol).

    I haven't had the pleasure of feeding this creature yet. We have frozen "pinkies" to feed it since it's too small to handle live prey yet. (Can't wait for that)

    Anyway, we got it Monday and the parents fed it that day.

    When we got it here it basked under the heat radiator (don't really know what to call it. It is ceramic and puts out no light but screws into a regular light socket). The next day it was hiding in it's cold area box.


    But his ass is still in there! Do they do this after being fed?

    I can't seem to get the humidity in the tank above like 20% (But man it sure smells moist in there). There's a fake plant with a mossy like artificial base. I was told to spray that with water to help with the humidity. I have been and I can't get the fucking humidity to go up!

    It's about 80 (f) in the tank on the warm side. Is this warm enough? Shit! I don't want to freeze or bake the poor creature!
    He (don't really know the sex) just hangs out in his little partial box that's in there. He comes out to threaten when I mess around in his cage. (oooh, I'm scared!) But then he goes right back into his box.

    Is he adjusting to his new home? Could he be trying to get away from the heat radiator?

    Shit! The people chose my family because we're so caring to our pets. I sure would feel like shit if I had to let the "parents" know that I killed their baby!

    Oh, and how should I go about getting this creature accepting of being held? I hear that boas are aggressive when young, so it could just be a matter of waiting for puberty to hit. lol

    My feelings on dealing with the aggression: He thinks that anything that moves is food. So I should carefully just let him bite me until he realizes I won't fit down his little throat. Just keep at him?

    I try to keep him used to hands being in the tank, but he keeps his eyes peeled for any intrusion. My little predator.

    What a cool creature! Thanks for anybody who can help me out on this.
  2. Wow! I totally forgot about this thread. lol

    Good ol' search feature!

    So.. now she still has her pine bedding. She has these little paths worn in the pile of bedding, but no burrowing yet.

    I think I have a mentally ill rosie boa.

    But she doesn't seem to mind the bedding now. And it's easier to keep up on removing the poop and pee now with the bedding.

    Will she ever dig? Damn it.. I'll just fill her entire tank with bedding. Let's see her stay on top of that! lol

    j/k medusa... I'd never do that to you!
  3. and I may be off on this..but Ive had a snake, lizards, of sort and how about one of those rocks that give off warms up around the area, and if thats what he is searching or in need of, he'll be sure to find it..Im not familiar with this that sort of snake but, the ones Ive had and reptile, frog environments in general, they likes the rock.idnt stay on it, but with the humidity right, and plenty water (bowl, rock) and spray, they did find use of it..

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