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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 2hazed, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. What kind of snacks do you guys like while hazing? I'm
    A bit of a sun chip fiend at the moment, and whatever goodies I can uncover at the TNT supermarket(Chinese supermarket I think)
  2. I'll definitely devour some Hot Pockets, but I think I'll always have a love for cupcakes when I'm medicated.
  3. Peanut butter Honey sandwich. Simple, yet amazing. And Salad, that's pretty good too.
  4. Sandwiches
    Peanut butter ice cream
    Toast with lots of butter
    Fuckin' rice krispies dipped in Nutella (Oh shit!)
    Yellow potatoes smashed and mixed with melted cheese
    I've even mixed a whole bunch of shit like -
    A frozen pizza with extra cheese, cut up pieces of chicken, and a whole bunch of other items that I forgot. :smoking:
  5. So many threads on this, I started one...
    But watev

    Honey comb cereal (DA SHIT)
    Oreos of any kind
    Klondike bars (chocolate)
  6. Fucking bugles man :smoke:
  7. fruity pebbles
  8. One time, I was so stoned, I took lettuce, ranch, and white bread. Threw the lettuce on the sammich bread, slapped on a stoned-heaping of ranch, and took that sammich down. It was amazing.

    Also: My dad cooks all the time, he loves it. So he cooks grilled cheese, except, his butter he puts in his bread, is atleast 1/2 inch thick of butter, it tastes amazingly unhealthy.
  9. Cereal! Lucky Charms, Coco and Fruity Pepples, of fuck yeah man.
  10. everythinggggg. cold pizza, cold wings, cereal( Rip french toast crunch), pbj/pbf/pbh, oreos and peanut butter ugh jizzed a little, strawberries/ blueberries/ bannanas/ cherries/ mo fucking plums/ peachs ah/ grapes. jizz. twizlers/ take fives/ ah those 50 cent watermellon popsickles the icecream man sells( fucking delicious sober too though). ah i could go on and on i love food.

    favorite would have to be grilling burgers/ hotdogs. choping up rediculous amounts of condiments to put on the burger of course. hotdogs plain as can be.
  11. Salt and Pepper pistachios from costco I am eating way to much of these...

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