Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. just remembered... i have a ceramil smurf that i painted sitting on a pole in my bathroom... and i'm not sure if he's wearing any pants...
  2. heres a picture of the little fella.

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  3. and here's one of him with his sleep deprived master.

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  4. ok... don't ask me why i'm posting these because;
    1. it's a secret.
    2. I don't know.

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  5. looks like an angry blue weed elf to
  6. lol i didnt think that was a smurf first I thought it looked liked gonzo. digit youve been keeping me boggled lately! :p thanks man :)
  7. u guys are just being smuf-racist. not all smurfs look the same, or dress the same.

    i hear some smurfs actually look more green.

    "offical smurf merchandise by Peyo" indeed! ha!
  8. Well, I'm NOT Smurf-racist and I dig your...uh...Smurf!!!!!

    Try to get some sleep, Digi-baby! I will send you sleepy vibes!!!!

    A boggled Sensi is a good thing...right??? :)
  9. that thing would fuck me up if i walked in there at night and it was just sitting there starin at me.....

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