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smuggling ideas

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rips.teh.bong, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. well, i live with my dad across the united states from my mom. and i visit my mom regularly. chron is a whole lot cheaper where my mom lives, so for 420 i wanted to stock up on 2 or 3 oz. and then somehow bring it on the plane or ship it back to my dads. dont worry about sketchness with the shipping factor, its all straight. i just wanted some ideas for completing my shit.
  2. one thing i have heard of is to seal the herb in one of those vacuumed bags and then ship it. as for bringing it on the plane, there is no way in hell you're going to get 3 OUNCES on a plane with no one finding out. maybe you could move like 7g's or something taped to your gooch, but htat would be the extent of it
  3. Take the train or the bus its easier to bring shit on because your not searched. I left for missouri with two ozs and nothin happened, I just got back yesterday and everything was cool with bringing my shit on the train.

  4. I think he lives across the atlantic... and busses don't drive across water
  5. LMFAO! Definatly plus rep for making me crack up and spitting my coffee everywhere.!!!!!! :laughing:


  6. lol u made me laugh thinking about u spitting ur coffee everywhere. you must be high

  7. same thing i thought, that must have been some funny shit to see.
  8. nah i dont live across the atlantic. pops lives in virginia and mom lives in california. what about shipping it in big ass folgers shit or in a j.i.f. container. or like taking off the trucks of a skateboard and packing like one half o in one and then another half o in the other (2 trucks on a skateboard), and since theyre metal i could just set it on the belt and let it go through the xray.
  9. i thought you were going to like mexico or something
  10. Skate trucks aren't hollow man. Sorry to be a disappointment.
  11. seal up your weed good then put it at the bottom of a big fulgers coffee can, fill up with coffee grinds then just put it in the mail

  12. uhh yeah they are. or at least the pair that i have.
  13. Oh, well maybe the pair you have is built like that or something. But I've had 7 pairs of trucks since I started skating and they weren't, so thats why I said that.
  14. mail it to yourself, just dont send it all in one package and dont think cheap when your sealing it up. i'd use vacuum sealed bags, alot of other crap to make it look legit, and several layers of paper and shit (t-shirt, whatever). It's alot better than getting caught with 3 oz at the airport though, because that much has got to be getting into the felony range.
  15. A pair of trucks isn't going to hold an ounce. If you are desperate why not just drive?
  16. I would vacuum seal is probably a 100% must to mail it. Seal it up, put it in the bottem of a coffee tin, (cover the top with coffee). I guess if you wanted to go even further is stuff it into a shampoo bottle or something like that and just cut it open when your home. Defently do it in more then 1 package.
  17. I've done it a couple times on a plane but not with 3 ounces, I don't think its possible without a high risk of being caught, and with that amount you'd be charged with intent to sell.
  18. If you send it in the mail, it may get confiscated, but they can't prosecute, as long as you don't do something dumb like writing a correct return address. Use a few packages, and take alot of care to take care of smell and surround it with something too, maybe a t-shirt.
  19. i would say train, there isnt many ways to get 3 ounces from one side of our country to the other... especially when its an illegal substance, maybe open a PO box, i wouldnt know how, then ship the weed to the PO box, and when you get home get it on out, of course under a fake name, though. sorry im drunk and shit and though i had so many good ideas when i started typing and then i typed them and they were all retarted, try searching up on a little site called thery have a drug section with some really cool but old information, worth a shot if you really wanna do this, sorry for the long retarted post
  20. yeah. a pair of skateboard trucks or my pair of trucks can def. hold an oz. alright tried it. (just gotta pack it super tight). but yeah those ideas are straight. but what i was thinking was using a big ass teddy bear. take a big stuffed bear, cut it where its gouch is. double bag each oz. then put the three oz. into one big storage ziploc bag, wrap it up, put it into antoher ziploc storage bag then carefully insert the big storage ziploc bag through the cut that i made in the bear's gouch. after the weed is inside the teddy bear (with soem stuffing block the slit, incase of search) and then sew the slit back. so it looks as if it hasnt been tampered with. finally i would either ship it home or put it in my luggage (not carryon).

    sketch or not sketch?

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