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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Burningblood420, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know if smoking pipe shop (dot) com is legit? I could use a new bubbler and theirs don't look half bad.
  2. dont know how much you wanna spend but if you want a heady bub,try The Dark Side really nice glass and theyre legit,,hope this helps...peace LEAR
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  3. haha thanks but let's just say I'm on a tight budget. I doubt I can spend more than 75$ right now. the site i gave had the right price
  4. pretty sure they have lower end stuff too,checkem out,,just click on the name and itll open to their page,,peace LEAR
  5. Thanks there are some tight bubblers within my budget
  6. glad to have helped,,,peace LEAR
  7. damn it LEAR, you just made my wallet lighter and my glass collection heavier.

  8. Well ya LEAR's on the site.
    He's un HEADIES.
    I'm guessing you guys are a local run website by a bunch of glassblowers who sell their stuff on the net.

    And you even accept Paypal! :hello:

    Usually I get mad when people promote their stuff, but for once it actually helps the city :D +rep

    Thanks LEAR

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