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Smoking Without Getting Caught

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by samthecash, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. IM 22 and still living at home and I'm wondering how to smoke inside without getting caught? I would probably be kicked out if I was caught and its a real pain to smoke outside here

    Minors are not welcome in the City. - ICGreen

  2. Wait till there in bed. Make sure to have a window open.

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  3. try edibles instead. If you contradict all the suggestions, I'd suggest you don't smoke till you are out on your own. Good luck.
  4. i smoke every night in my room and just use a sploof and blow out the window with a fan, the smell goes away within an hour or two for me
  5. When I lived at home I used to smoke outside, sneakily sneak back in (haha) and chill in my room.. Had a few friends over a couple times an my parents had no idea we were getting blazed. Reason I say always go outside is because the smell doesn't linger and it's just better trust me. Whoever smokes inside yet says there is no smell is because they are too stoned to realize there is still scent to get you busted.. And you don't want to get busted now do you.. Hahah
  6. I always wait until my parents are in bed and then blaze in my room. Jam a towel under the door, throw on a scented candle, get fan going pointing towards the window and just smoke leaning outside the window.
  7. If your bathroom has an extraction fan, put a towel under the door, light a candle, and smoke. In my bathroom all the smoke is immediately sucked up by the fan and the candle takes over the smell.

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