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smoking without depersonalization side effects?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by harry213, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. sup
    I smoked in my teens and loved it, it was really helpfull for me.
    I didn't have much friends and was pretty bored and had huge sleeping problems en weed always helped me feel comfartable and relaxed.
    I quited after that to concentrate on my study, recently i started smoking again before night time and it comes with depersonization after wards, i lasts from a week , till about a month.
    I'm a little bit scared to continue smoking because of the dp.
    Has anyone got a trick to beat this? i've used the number 1 rule ( don't think about it to much )
    i hope someone in the same situation can give me advice..

  2. Yeah don't smoke weed.
  3. damn,,, are there other drugs that get you high but don't give dp?
  4. If weed gives you DP then I'd avoid other drugs entirely... maybe drink? I honestly feel drinking is a heck of a lot more mentally stable than being a pot head *braces for hate*
  5. yeah i already drink to much lol
  6. get happy with yourself and Love yourself to extremes. you will never want to leave and will be always comfortable in your own skin and will never be confused with any associations within or without yourself. do not associate with any other being but yourself ( leave all judgements or the act of judging to the wayside) and stay in your moment of awareness lovingly and willingly. when you catch yourself judging yourself from outside of yourself stop it instantly by repeating three times consciously- cancel, cancel,cancel and get back into your loving awareness of non judgement. 
  7. If you're actually needing to smoke weed for some medical reason, try a high-CBD/low-THC strain. Seriously, CBD is what gets me through the day without pain, but also without psychoactive symptoms!
    Otherwise, if you're not needing to, the answer is obvious - don't smoke weed! It's not for everyone, and if you're doing it recreationally in an illegal state, then you probably have no idea what you're even smoking and have no idea what cannabinoids are in your weed (let alone adulterants). 
  8. What exactly do mean by depersonalization?

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  9. I think it is like a dream where you want to run but your legs don't move and you look back at your self from a distance( like from another persons eyes).
  10. No I don't think so lol. That sounds awesome though, I thought it was not feeling the same after smoking, and being cloudy headed and just not feeling like yourself. Idk but ill gladly take dreams like that with my smoking!
  11. yup whenever I smoke one dick goes in my vag and one in my ass. fucking dp :/
  12. It could be a potency thing too. Too stoned, try taking only a toke and seeing if that helps and makes the dp less severe. I second the high CBD strain also, if you're in a medical state and can acquire it. 
  13. Lol.....sheeeit
  14. Hmmmm.... one of the reasons I LIKE/LOVE Tora Bora is the absence of that response.  It is reputedly a VERY high CBD strain. 
    My experience with it agrees with that.  In fact, if I want a little buzz, I smoke a little Sativa.  
    But , there's no question, Your Mileage May Vary.  It's become clear to me over the last few years that people have different brain-chemistry.   Some drugs that make other people nuts calm me down, and vice-versa.  
    Hope that helps. 
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    I know that I said "if it bothers you, just don't smoke it". I want to add a caveat to that. Maybe you can change things up.
    I get all kinds of weird psychoactive stuff happening when I smoke super-potent, high THC (and low CBD) weed. I tell myself, "i'm just high, it'll wear off, and things will be fine" when things happen. Yes, sometimes I do get weird psychoactive effects, but I know that they will wear off (and under the right settings, I enjoy them). I just take less if I don't want that, or different weed. 
    To consider:

    S.A.M.S.  = Strain/Method/Amount/Setting
    (I just made that up)
    Try changing up one of those, or all of them. 
    Also, try keeping a notebook and record what happens when you try a new strain/method/amount. You know how Starbucks baristas keep a notebook of the coffee varieties they sample? Do that. If you use a dispensary, you'll be trying different strains, but if you don't, you can still change up method, amount, setting. Also note what you ate, time you imbibed, how much sleep, health that day, other conditions. I'm a medical user so I take my weed because I need to, like any other medicine, and "just don't smoke weed" wasn't practical for me. Doing this helped me learn how not to have bad effects and has helped me learn how to maximize the good ones. 
    Damn. I should make a weed sampling notebook and sell it. They do it for wine and coffee. Why not weed?
  16. ^ leafly already took all your business unless your famous
  17. All this talk of dp is gettin me randy oh baby!

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