Smoking with Pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by xXMelkorXx, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. We were havn a sesh out the back in the garage and we have a small dog his name be pheonix.we blew him out then he was crying for food and there was none...... "feeling it yet pheony????"
  2. ive gotten my dog high a couple of times. he got really mellow. i also got my friends hyper ass dog gracie high. she would always yelp if you looked at her and didnt pet her, so i said she needed to calm her ass down and i blew a shotty in her face, she got so calm. i also got my homegirls kitten high once, she thought it was gona die. i gave it a fresh hit from her 2 foot bong. that cat likes me now. always comes and lays in my lap.
  3. I Hade A Lizard That Overdosed On Smoke........................................................................................................................................................................................................
  4. I was chillin' at my friends apartment last night and he was taking care of his neighbor's cat. Well the cat is fucking afraid of EVERYTHING. You take 1 step towards that cat and he'll sprint down the hall. So we sparked a bowl and I grabbed the cat and we got him SO baked. He layed in my lap for about 30 minutes before he slid into the floor, staggered a moment, then walked over to his food bowl and devoured it. I was just rootin' him on the entire time. Then we baked him out again.

    Cool ass cat.
  5. well i got a dog that only sleeps all day, and i get him stoned and he still only sleeps... he's a stoner at heart
  6. Im going to have to try this today with my dog.. Shes the smartest dog I've ever had- shes seriously a genious so Im sure ill have a good time.

    I never smoked with any pets before.. Unless you can count the time I took grabs out of my 125 gallon saltwater fishtank. I used to have 2 clown triggers, a leopard shark, pourcipine pufferfish, and an undulated triggerfish. They would all come up to the top of the tank when I went up to it.. and I thought it would be cool to smoke out of the tank. I took a 2 liter Soda bottle and cut the bottom off. Made a tinfoil bowl for the top, packed it and lit it and pulled it up as the smoked filled the container. Took the bowl off, put my lips on the bottle and pushed it down forcing the weed into my lungs.

    It was sick.
  7. me and my friend gave our friend's german shepard some shotguns.. I think he liked it he was pretty confused for a little though.
  8. My cat is scared of smoke.. he stares at it then runs away from it. I think it would be mean to blow it in his face. My brother's dog, Hank (haha goofy ass dog) looooove to smoke though, he'll put his paws up on you and sniff all in your face when you blow out, its funnyyyy
  9. i wonder how a cat would react to a hit of catnip in their face.
  10. If he doesn't like it then don't try to get him high... thats just mean.
  11. Well I've never purposely gotten any animals high cuz I think it's kinda mean to blow smoke in their face. MY cat (back at my parent's house) wouldn't appreciate it for sure (she flinches and runs off if I just blow normal air into her face). But "2nd hand high" I have definately given to animals! My boyfriend's cat gets a high each time we smoke, no one in his house cares so we just smoke in any room. If you go to my profile and my myspace link, there's a pic called "Jason and Bandit"... they're both high in that pic. I dunno about you but I think they look pretty similar in it! ha! :)
  12. In case you guys don't know ferrets are extremely hyper and playful all the time. Well, it just so happens I'm getting one tomorrow and I'm naming it either Ringo (Starr) or Vincent (Vega from Pulp Fiction or Tim Burton's first short, "Vincent.") As soon as I straighten him out and everything I'm getting him stoned... I'll be sure to post with pictures.
  13. I love smoking with my animals they seem so...bright when there baked. Ive only smoked with cats but im thinking of getting my dog high (chihuahua) Its a stout animal though. Im going to hotbox a small room with my cat in it and see what happens :)
  14. Yeah, i have a chihuahua, i don't like blowing smoke in his face, but he hangs around when me and my friends smoke. He's a funny guy, He likes to play alot when feeling stoney, running around, chasing his toys as we throw them across the room... Eventually, he'll end up in someones lap, sleeping and feeling good!
  15. i hav two stories about smoking out pets:
    one: my friend used to have a roomate with a pitbull named Dave (thats a funny name for a dog), who was the chillest dog ever and just chilled on the couch all day. everytime we busted out budd near him, he would pull his blanket over his face. when i first saw this, i thought he didnt want any smoke. so after a couple of hits, he pops his head up and has this look, like "WHAT THE F*CK, YOURE NOT SHARING!" ever since, we've been blowing smoke under the blanket, hot boxing his face. it was jus funny that he'd do this.

    the other is over my friend's cat, who used to bite and scratch the sh!t outta everybody who came into his house. one day this cat scarred me up from ear to nose with her claws while we was smoking. her owner sticks her under a laundry basket, holds it down, puts a blanket over it, and we start blowing smoke in there. at first she was hissing, but wen we finally let the blanket up (a couple bowls later), we saw her chillin as the smoke rose up. while shes high, she the coolest cat, but when shes not, shes f*cked up. its funny because she lets us know when the weed is wearing off, we'll be petting her and she'll start biting the sh!t outta our hands. F*ckin cats!
  16. you probably shotgunned more weight in weed than itself to it...lmfao
  17. when he's sleeping just blow hits in his general area, and he'll breathe it in slowly thru his nose and he will get used to it and learn to like it.. he'll be "comfortable" with it. then just wake it up and give it a treat and play with it
  18. We hot-boxed my friend's cat in a small cardboard box once. We thought his cat died cuz it just layed there and wouldnt move or flinch when we poked it... funny as hell. Also, one of my friends says he gets his dog high by blowing the smoke in the dog's ear. Does this shit actually work, or is he just retarded?
  19. My friends and I love to smoke up our pets, their the greatest thing high. I mean what beats a fuzzy pet when your high? A fuzzy pet thats high with you, thats what.

    On a side note if you have a dog try not blowing the smoke in their nose it damages their very acute smell receptors. Instead blow the smoke in its ear. Sounds stupid but give it a try if it doesn't work then call me a idiot and go back to the old way, but its the only way we get our dogs stoned.
  20. my turtle eats trimmings and he loves them ...also my dog follows me to the garage everytime because he knows im about to smoke. its weird because he knows a couple seconds before i come outside he is allready in the garage

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