Smoking with Pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by xXMelkorXx, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Do you guys like to smoke with pets?
    Me and my Golden Lab smoke. When I turn on Gorrilaz-Dracula, my dog bolts in, cuz he knows I am about to smoke. I find that absolutely amazing. I'll give him shotguns, (it might be gross to you) mouth to mouth. I love the look he gives me when he's stoned. Sometimes DoC will just lie om the end of my couch with me and my girlfriend, or when I have people over, he goes around to them all, somewhat asking for a toke. Most of my friends give Doc shotguns. So fukkin funny. Other times, I'll let him outside, he will walk the neighborhood, swaying, looking for other dogs to hang out with. Funny Shit. Tell us your smoking relationship with your pets.
  2. my dog gets really annoying and whines for food. he gets the munchies really bad i guess. but one time we were chillin in my friends room smokin and his dog came in and we gave blew it at his nose and he just crawled up onto my friends lap and lied down we were geekin out.
  3. I have smoked with my dog a few time (yellow lab), the first time he just kinda ran around for a minute acting funny and running around, then layed down and chilled while I played some music and shit, its cool to do but I have only done it like 3 or 4 times...
  4. Tried it once about a month before my dog died, just for the hell of it. I knew she was passing away slowly so I decided we would toke out once before she died so she would have something to remember if and when that day comes.
  5. i get my dog, (boston terrier) high and all she does is run around and look like she has fire in her ass cause she scoots on her ass on the carpet and she does the army crawl on the carpet uncontrolabley. i am getting to cats, ( male and female) and see if they fuck when i get them high.
  6. I used to get may fat ass cat Tootsie high, shed hop up on bed and id give her a shotgun then shed just lie in a corner and chill or shed act like a kitten again. Good times.
  7. hell yea, as dumb as it sounds, i have a chihuahua who loves being high. hes not too small though so its not like im killing him. he loves my bubbler the best, and gets this crazy look on his face, almost as if hes smiling. he always falls asleep in weird places when hes high like in the closet or on my desk
  8. My yellow lab got baked by every smoker that lived in my house. She passed away at the age of 14. She had a good life.
  9. I always smoke my dog out if hes around he loves it it calms him down.. ive smoked out my friends hamster a cauple times it was so wierd we put it in a bag full of its food and it would stuff its like mouth and body with food and then when we put it ack in the cage it would spit out like humongus amounds of the food it was so crazy lol
  10. no i dont get my dog high, dont think its right IMO
  11. this might be the funniest $hit ive ever read
  12. i got my hamster high before, i think

    i blew at least 10 hits in his face

    all his food and water was gone and it could hardely open its eyes by the end of the day

    edit: wow i just read my post and realized it must have been so fucked up, think about it, 10hits and its only weighs like a quarter ounce lol
  13. i blow smoke in all my pets faces i have 3 cats and 1 dog and i get them ripped like 3 times a week if that
  14. My dog maggie (black lab and cocker spaniel mix) loves pot, if we (me and my boyfriend)get a sack and he puts it in his pocket, when we walk in the door shes all over him till he packs a bowl or a bong and she gets a few hits. My cat steve (just got him as an early x-mas present) also will come running if he smells or even thinks he smells pot.
  15. lol that musta been one fucked up hamster! One hit would get him stoned.
  16. ive smoked out like six kittens before

    i smoke my cat out when hes hyper
    chills him right out
  17. i have a story about smokin up a dog....

    Once me and 3 of my buds were at my friends house and the kids parents were gone all day, so we decided to roll some nice joints and smoke out of a water bong in his backyard. Being that my friend had just bought a half-ounce, we rolled about 2 joints and than smoked a few bowls, after that we rolled another joint between all four of us, and by now the kids dog showed up and we start to engulf the creature with smoke, (she likes it very much because the kids older brother has smoked her up countless times) after she takes about 3 hits, she starts to follow our joint around in our oh sacred circle, we than rolled another 4 personal joints and packed a few bowls and ordered a pizza, now we each have pizza and joints hanging out of all of our mouths, we than continued to smoke joints and bowls and chase that stoned dog everywhere....great times
  18. i cant, my dog is afraid of the lighter:mad:
  19. I wanna smoke up my cat but every time I blow smoke in his face he runs away. I think I have to get him trapped in a hot box somehow.
  20. one time i was at my friend's ranch and he has a couple of cats that live up there. well anyways we were smoking j's and i decided to blow it in one of the cat's face. (that was the worst mistake ever!) after it got high it just sat by the door on the outside while me and my friend were inside, and it sat by the door all night and was meowing for food and wouldn't shut up. it sucked so badly. the end

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