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Smoking with one arm??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zlideways, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. i just broke my right wrist yesterday and im trying to toke im not at my house right now so i dont have a piece. i was going to make a pop can pipe but i still dont think ill be able to do it anyone have any ideas??? im trying to toke the pain away
  2. Just make a pipe and put it on a table. Put your mouth on the pipe and light it.
  3. Hold the pipe in your mouth like a cig, and light it while holding it in with your lips.
  4. yea so make it with no carb? cuz thats what i was thinking
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    If you have any kind of metal pens, flip the tip of the pen inside out and put it in the metal pen and put tape on it.
  6. table top bong
  7. i dont you think a pop can with no carb will work ok?
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    That sentence doesn't make sense.

    But you can make a Gravity Bong?
  9. i do not have a metal pen. do you think a pop can with no carb will allow me to get high?
  10. place bowl close to edge of table with non-carb side against heavy object (to stop it from sliding away. Crouch down low enough to pull. Light with your good hand while using index of immobilized hand to cover carb. You'll look like an ass, but it'll work. Did this when I sprained my wrist

    Sorry if it's kinda confusing, it's tough to explain
  11. uhmm.. may I suggest papers? (If you are able to roll it with one hand, into a cone shape first.) lol :)
  12. this is going to be a pain in the ass -_- i usually just have my bro light me up
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    I have heard a lot of health concerns regarding soda cans, you would probably be better off using straight aluminum foil, you can also use a socket.

    I would fall back on my gravity bong statement, probably your best bet, if you have a water bottle or Gatorade bottle cut bottom off and put something metal in the lid for a bowl, light the bud pull up and pull all the smoke into the bottle until your right about to pull it out of the water, then unscrew the lid put your mouth over the hole and push down while breathing in.

    Bam youre blazed
  14. Shit, ignore me. You said you don't have a piece. Sorry :/
  15. It's actually simpler than it sounds. You're using the table as a third hand for help. Takes the same amount of time/effort as a normal hit. And setup takes all of 5 seconds.
  16. Parochute it cuh
  17. mission complete
  18. Waterfall bong?
  19. Got a poor and out of stash friend?

    When my friend Pat was in a car accident, I'd come over, roll her some joints, do her dishes, etc and get stoned with her watching "Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman". Her hubby was a dealer, so we had a very good time although she had a broken arm and minor spinal injuries.

  20. People seem to think weed is some magical painkiller.

    It isn't, take a Vicodin

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