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Smoking with Mom?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RobDrizzle, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. So today me and my crew were looking for a spot for a sesion we searched for a while and everyone of are usual spots were unavailable so my friend made a phone call to his mom and asked if we could smoke there. She said yes and we went there and actually smoked with his mom btw she rolled the best blunt ive ever seen lmao My question did you ever smoke with your mom, dad or anything like that.
  2. My mom gets mad paranoid and even though he used to smoke my dad is against me smoking. The last time he suspected me of being high (yay for allergies and benadryl slowing me down) I got kicked out of my house for a week.
  3. So Fucking Awkward. LOL
  4. Can't say I have that privilege.
  5. No, but that is certainly something I've wanted to do for a long time, she used to smoke, but he recently quit smoking cigarettes and she says weed makes her want to smoke cigarettes, so I put the desire to smoke with her behind.
  6. i cannnn but that shit is awkward nawmean?
    because thats your parent nawmean. they used to clean your poop.
  7. I could but I'd rather not because I always feel like my parents treat me different when they know I'm high. It's like they think my intelligence severely decreases and they always repeat everything they say as if it takes me hearing it multiple times in order to comprehend it.

    I like to smoke when they aren't around even though I could smoke with them so they never know when I'm high.
  8. I have smoked with friends parents and its awesome! With my own? That would b awkward....
  9. ive smoked with my best friends mom and regularly smoke at her house and i still get paranoid when i smoke around her. I guess its just the whole "parent" thing.
  10. My mother would shit a brick. Though my father did smoke weed and do some trippy shit back in the day. I'm still tempted to ask him, but tbh I'm scared of his answer.
  11. me and my mom have toked up from the age of 18 until know. my dad and i some on occasions but not very recently!!!!
  12. My mum wanted to smoke with me...But then I remembered the time she got contact high from me smoking and said 'fuck no, mum.':cool:

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