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Smoking with Depression

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mutated seabass, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. what's up everyone. This is my first time on grasscity in a long long time because i was on a major break. so it goes like this: ever since freshman year in high school (i'm 18 now btw) ive been battling with manic depression. It wasn't untill junior year that i started smoking everyday and it literally changed my life (for the good.) I started seeing the world in a much more peaceful, laid-back way. i became alot more optimistic toward life, i gave up on drugs and became happy, and I felt like myself again. It honestly turned my life around. But I took a long break for financial reasons. I'm an inspiring musician/film maker and needed to save money to buy equiptment. But lately I realized slowly everday I'm just losing that part of me and soon I'm going to be back where I was. I'm losing the passion I had for music and film. I just don't feel like myself anymore is what I'm trying to say. It's senior year and I was determined to make it the best year, but i just feel miserable inside. I don't even know the point of this thread haha

    haha I'm sorry if that sounds corny, i just figuired this is the only place where someone might understand.

  2. How about before you get back into that state of mind again you start smoking again? Nickels bags only cost 5 dollars buddy.
  3. Art is fuckin' hard, man. I'm a jazz musician...not a lot of market for that these days but we suffer for our art, don't we?

    CanaBliZZ is right. Weed can be cheap if you pace yourself. If it helps you deal with your troubles then get back into it. Just so long as it doesn't become a 24/7 thing.
  4. Why deprive yourself of the one thing that made you feel better. Just buy a joint, and when your feelin down light up, and play some music. Or edit some film. The passion will be back. Just start on a large project, and youll feel better when its finished
  5. If pot truly is a great deal of some of your inspiration then you are doing yourself a favor to smoke up. If it helps w/ your depression then that is even more of a reason. I mean check it out if it helps w/ cration of your art then it is just as a neccesity as the camera or recorder, you know what I mean. If you loose your mind the whole artist thing will be a little harder to maintain. Good luck which ever you decide. JOE>
  6. Ya I think a lot of people on this site have had problems with depression. And most of them will tell you that they dont get depressed anymore because they started smoking weed. Including me. But i would say smoke weed. You want to get your passion back for music? Weed will do it.
  7. Smoking marijuana isn't an on/off switch. You can smoke a little pot here and there, but also not blow all your money and still be able to aspire artistically. Everything in moderation, man. ;)
  8. jonbongjovi - what instrument do you play? i play alto sax. been playing only 9-10 years.
  9. I'm a trumpet player. 8 years since i started, 2 years classical at university, 2 years jazz at college. I'm going to finish my BA next year in jazz.
  10. I myself have suffered from depression for over 15 years now.I have been smoking weed for about 9, and since I started I have definately felt considerably better. my mind tends work at a very fast pace,and I am quite anxious as well. When I get high my mind slows down and lets me hold thuoghts in my head rather than them racing uncontrollably,and I can sit and relax without depressive thoughts.I think I have come up with a solution regarding your lack of pot or (happiness)GROW THE SHIT!! Not only do I grow enough in the summer season,but I grow in the winter as well.I find it to be a great hobby,and enjoy it very much.I never run out of weed and on top of that I can sell a bit whenever funds get low.The act of growing itself is reward enough to me because you tend to treat your plants like your kids (most growers agree)It is truly a wonderful experience.It changed my life ,no shit! Give it a try,I promise you wont be disapointed.Best of luck with everything
  11. I started toking heavily right after the 'rents got divorced. I think its no coincidence. Depression makes you seek relief from your pain, by any means necessary. The bud really made me think clearly about my family and I could objectify my feelings. Sure, it caused friction with the parents but now, they at least don't disapprove and I have longs talks with my Dad about how ganja should be legal.

    I started seeing a psycologist and I must say that helped a shit load with my depression.

    See a shrink, smoke a bowl, and reflect on your condition...
  12. therapy only makes things worse
    "im so sick of therapy, and all the things its done to me" - less than jake
  13. I wouldnt smoke weed to relieve depression. I also suffer from depression, and I find it very hard to deal with sometimes with smoking weed. And also I cant smoke schwag anymore because all it does is make me depressed.

    Have you seen a doctor? I have been put on prozac, ive been on it for a few months, and honestly, its probably one of the best things thats happened to me, its turned my life around. Marijuana is not used as an anti depressant, its effects are temporary, go to a doctor or a therapist, it will help alot, then smoke weed for fun. It will cost you alot less then having to buy weed too.
  14. I suffer from clinical depression and I find that getting high makes me just as happy without being a different person from taking pills. If you feel sluggish sometimes I would recommend getting a blood test and asking the doctor to check your thyroid level. I have hypothyroidism and it can make you feel depressed and sluggish. Also this test is pretty fast and you should find the results in a few days. Good luck and happy smoking:smoke:
  15. I hate smoking when I'm depressed. I feel exactly like I did before but dizzy and even less like moving or talking to people.
  16. don't listen to the "devils" heh, or me...

    anyways...theorectically(sp) i think that i've built my self(grownupthroughtoutTheyearsofMylife)from depression (depression made me?)
    (or I made depression) (who is to say?)....

    ^you'll go "crazy"

    I know what depression fucking feels like, not not not not fun...."whoa reallY!?"

    its sooo hard to fight it, now you don't have much trouble fighting depression when your happy do you? because your...what?....HAPPY...HAPPY doesn't care about the desires/wants of depression

    depression sometimes..feels good? because maybe dwelling may feel like a dark satisfaction...that keeps on burying your "grave"///"yourself" always seems like "you don't know WHY you are posting this thread"...
    you wanted feedback (like we ALL do)

    but don't listen to me i'm just stupid (like we ALL ARE):(
  17. lately i've been really depressed and stressed out, I got shingles before in wrestling from being stressed and not eating and thats kind of whats happening now, I only eat once a day sometimes less then that and I only get a couple of hours a sleep each night because I'm studying all the time but last night and tongiht my friends smoked me up big time and that really helped it made me feel alot better again and made me want to study
  18. I've been smoking weed and taking an anti-depressant for the past 6 years. Starting both came within a matter of months of each other, and due to the wait times experienced with most anti-depressants, I had to experiment to find out what worked the best for me.

    I found that when I wasn't taking my medication and not smoking weed I because depressed sooner (2 weeks) than with weed (about 5 or 6). While on my medication, if I'm not smoking I feel like my very self is being smothered by my meds and if I'm smoking too much than I feel exhausted.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that, contrary to heaps that I've read, I find marijuana beneficial to a depressed state of mind. It provides one with the ability to view the world through tinted glasses. Weed does different things to different people, and if you decide to use the grass again, just keep aware of what the effects are on your body and mind.
  19. I have been fighting depesion for years.I can tell you pot can and dose help "IF" its not over done.If I smoke to much while depressed it often grows even worse.See a takes awhile for them to get you on the right meds as well as getting the dosage right,but its worth the meen time use pot to relieve the worst bouts of depression.I suggest a good sativa as it will put a smile on your face and provide abit of energy.I would also sugest finding somthing you enjoy doing as a hobby,get active!!! sometimes you have to push through i have a vegetable garden I puts around of luck bro.I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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