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Smoking with contact lenses?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hwillieyams, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. I just got contacts and on the info sheet they gave me, it said to not wear them around noxious fumes. Has anyone had problems with smoking with contacts in?
  2. Nope sometimes I get really dry eyes though. Nothing some eye drops can't fix
  3. Its okay to smoke w/ Contacts in Eyes. Just like Normal.
  4. Ha.

    Not at all.
  5. I do find that my eyes get extra red when I smoke with my contacts in. Eyedrops will fix it most of the time though. Nothing awful will happen- just a bit of extra redness.
  6. i've been smokin a few times a day for several months now, with contacts in every day,

    never really experienced any problems, didn't even know about those fumes. do you have dailies or just one pair?
  7. I have no problems smoking with contact lenses in my eyes. Your eyes may get dry but like ChillBroBaggins said nothing some eye drops can't fix.
  8. Protip: Do not wear contacts while using a gas mask, it burns.
  9. My freind says his contacts look different if he get smoke in his eyes. but i don't know
  10. My girlfriend smokes with contacts all the time, nothing to be afraid of, we do keep visine on hand for the occasional discomfort though.
  11. My eyes get really red and dry i mean really red really fuckin red.
  12. Its fine yo I hotbox the shit outta cars with contacts and theyre fine.
    And congrats on the contacts I love mine. Leave em' in 24/7 and change every 2 months. Go swimming with them and everything.
  13. Oh and sorry for the doublepost but protip

    If your eyes are red and you are confronted about it, you now have a permanent cover story! Just say your contacts are irratating your eyes. Bingo.
  14. My girlfriend leaves hers in 24/7 for months at a time with no problem.
    The only thing I'd be cautious of is eye drops, actually. I know with some of them you aren't supposed to use them with contacts. So just read the bottle before you use them. :)
  15. I smoke every day with contacts, im all good. My eyes get red though...
  16. I used to wear contacts. Its fine but if you need eyedrops make sure to check if they are ok to use with contacts. I love Rhoto eye drops but you cant use them while you have contacts in.
  17. dude nothing happens except my eyes get glossy like a toy bear. When i put rohtos in no one can tell and as long as i can keep it together and have no smell.

  18. .... untrue they work and dont do anything negative to my eyes

  19. I smoke with my contacts on all the time and nothing bad happens besides my eyes getting really red. You cant use visine if you got them on.
  20. It dries your eyes out even more than smoking without.

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