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Smoking with broken bones?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ericpwill, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. hey guys and girls im new to the forums here. Recently i broke my back the L1 vertebrae to be exact and i had surgery 3 weeks ago, my doctor informed me not to smoke during the healing process of my bone because it will cause the bone to take longer to heal. I've read on other forums that marijuana does not cause the bone to take longer but helps the bone it self. Before my accident i was a daily smoker but since then i have not smoked for 3 weeks. My question is will it take longer for my back to heal if i smoke marijuana daily again? or should i just listen to the doctor and not smoke until its healed? Maybe my doctor was against weed and wants me to try and stop and is just trying to scare me or maybe because its a spine injury it may differ from other bones, im not sure.

    Thanks for replies in advanced

  2. I doubt weed would do anything to interrupt your healing process. It should help with the pain, if you're still experiencing some.
  3. This makes no sence , so I would say smoke a bowl,only thing that might happen is you might think time is going slower(thus longer healing time) lol
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    Looks like it says bone-stimulant to me.

    In fact, there are 5 different compounds in cannabis that help stimulate bone growth.

    Western medicine strikes again!

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  5. well just smoked a bowl and it took the pain from my lower back but gave me a pain in the upper back, dont know what the cause of that would be if its even weed related but it just so happen to come about 3 mins after i took in the hit. Oh well i guess i wont be smoking for a while :(
  6. Was he telling you specificly to not smoke pot? ...or just not to smoke?

    In most cases, a Dr will tell people to not smoke, and only be referring to tobacco (least they get an ear full for accusing a patient of toking weed...which is illegal in most states...nothing like being sued for making accusations like that:p)

    But, to the point;
    Tobacco will slow healing, and he most likely was referring to that evil plant.
    Nonunions - Your Orthopaedic Connection - AAOS

    Toking mj, might make you cough, and with your back being all broke, that could be a bad thing...maybe an edible, tincture instead? :confused:
  7. When i was in the hospital they asked if i smoked tobacco in which i said no because i dont, but i did smoke backwoods which is a tobacco leaf which im sure you all know i did tell them i smoked marijuana every once in a while but in real life its daily, maybe tobacco showed up in a blood test or urine test and they figured that i did but anyways that was that. And im in Canada so im sure its common for doctors to get patients with THC in their system and probably dont care as much as they do down in the states.
  8. ive found that toking when youve got an injury seemsto make the injury more sensitive.and make the pain worse.In cronic pain toking really does work,but for acute pain seems to sensatise it.mac.

  9. This. I find that when medicating for pain and such, edibles are probably the best. One, they tend you give you more relief from pain since it's stronger, second, you won't be choking, which can add pain in the throat. Only disadvantage is that it will take around 45 mins to and hour for it kick in. Vaporizing maybe?
  10. You need some edibles. I broke my leg last year and smoking never really made a difference, if anything i found it worse, but my friend made some brownies and I was feeling better than ever. :)

    I doubt your doctor was talking about weed, unless you're in a medical state :confused:
  11. facts are facts, marijuana heals everything. broken bones, clogged heat, deflated lung, even heard of a man being cured of down syndrome once...jk

    it slows down the ability of the cells to reform properly, but it won't but it also increses blood circulation to limbs so it balances out in the end. called my mom to get the real answer. awesome having a doctor in the family,always call her for hypothetical questions like" i may of or not cut my hand down to the bone, what should i do if it happened"? 29years old and still calling her to see whats what
  12. backs maybe different that the limbs
  13. I can try edibles my brother often makes them he has a medical license here in canada to grow and smoke, we also have a digital volcano vap but only problem is we got no bags, so vap is out of the question for now. I will go for some edibles when he makes them again and see how that works.

  14. Doctors like to blame everything on weed.

    I've had high blood pressure since I was 18 (probably since I was 12 or 13, I have had the headaches I get without my blood pressure medications since then) and I regularly have doctors ask me if I smoke because of it, and I say "no, but I do smoke marijuana" and they shake their heads with a lame ass smirk on their face, and I say "but my high blood pressure preexisted me smoking" and then they just change the subject. Besides, every book I've read on the science of marijuana says regular smoking lowers blood pressure. :rolleyes:

    Found out that anti-depressants can cause high blood pressure though, and I was on six different kinds over the years. No doctors ever mentioned/made that connection though... classic.

    Also, doctors aren't really trained in cannabis as a medication or what weed really does, most of them are fed propaganda just like the average population. Many doctors associate the risks with smoking cigarettes to be the same with smoking anything and everything.
  15. ive had blood pressure for years .the doc gives me telmisartan an ace 2 ,it works very well with me.. i am a reg smokerbut do not use tobacco.either use weed by its self,or get a vapo.myBP isunder control with the meds.with no side effects from the weed.its the tobacco that puts it up,so give up tobacco m8 .dont ask the doc most are down oncannabis smoking anyway.peace.good luck.mac.
  16. the real question is..

    how the fuck u broke your back brahh??
    that shit sounds crazy

  17. "bone-stimulant" does not exactly sound like a medical term to me lol
  18. For now my brother tells me not to smoke and just wait another couple months, i got no problem with that besides when i smoke again it will be like smoking for the first time i will get super high :)
  19. its not the smoking that will hurt you, its the inhaling. When you inhale pot your filling your lungs to a point where they are stretching. Like doing a huge bong rip, it can expand your musles around your lungs and thus could hurt your back bones...if anything take tiny little baby hits, and try not to fill your lungs
  20. Yes it was crazy and very painful LOL but the story goes like this.

    Me and 2 of my good friends were climbing on out old highschool that we no longer attend and it was dark like 9pm but there was no lights at all. So we are just chilling up there and when we decide to come down me and 1 of my friends decide to go another way around because there was many puddles and did not wanna get our shoes wet (pretty pussy shit rite?) so we go all the way around climb up even higher then have to climb back down. As we start to come around i see my other friends head just popping up and im like great hes on the same level so i decide to run across this roof not seeing anything except just a little moon glare coming off some metal sheets, i see this and say ok i gotta jump over this or im just gonna trip so im running and running and i get to that area and i jump as soon as i jump i hear "YO WTF ARE U DOING?" that comes from my other friend and when i jumped and didnt hit the same level at first i was like "did i just go through the roof?!" and then 2 seconds later i smack down about 20 feet below me and i landed on my feet but in an awkward position and i guess it just compressed my spine to much and broke the bone. And that was that but i still had to climb down a ladder cuz i was still on the roof.

    Kinda stupid that i got back up and started walking. At first i didnt think anything was broken until i got back up and it felt like i slit my balls open it was just so much pain that i dont think any of you would wanna experience it. You may wonder why i felt a sharp pain there well thats because the L1 vertebrae controls the movement in that area. Doctors actually told my parents that 9/10 people that break that bone as bad as i did never use they're legs again and most people that break the vertebrae's only need a brace but in my case it was just so bad i needed surgery.

    And thats the story of how i broke my back :)

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