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Smoking while sitting down?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChronicCloud420, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Usually I sit down when I smoke, but whenever I do, my high doesn't come on as strong. So I go through bowl after bowl. Then I'll stand up and my high will just blow me away. I'll get tunnel vision or lose my sight for like 5-10 seconds. It kind of scares me. Anybody got an answer/solution to this? :confused:
  2. When I smoke with my cousin he's even worse. He'll stand up sometimes and immediately sit back down because it's too overwhelming for him.
  3. Edit:blood rushes from your head down. If you have good weed you should get just as high sitting down lol
  4. I think maybe people get better blood circulation from their lungs to cannabinoid receptors when standing up. which means when your sitting down it just keeps building up in your system and once you stand up your receptors get punched in the face by thc. Im pretty sure the only solution is to stand up while smoking.
  5. it's because you stood up. try smoking sitting down and not standing up after then compare that to just smoking standing up.
    I'll bet you won't get that tunnel vision and lightheadedness (unless you take an insane rip).
  6. That's whats great about sitting down and smoking bowls/blunts/Js/bongs. When you stand up, you realize how fucked up you are haha :smoke:

  7. that's the greatest feeling to me lol.
  8. Yeah I mean I don't mind it at all, and I do notice that I am or feel higher when I stand up. It just kind of freaks me out because you don't really know when to quit and when you actually stand up you can't see lol.
  9. The high can definitely be more noticeable when you're moving around. As for the loss of vision when you stand up, that happens to me on occasion--not too often, but it's no big deal. To avoid it, don't stand up quickly. I forget what technically is happened, something about oxygen or blood flow... I'm stupid when it comes to that sort of stuff.
  10. i only smoke doing handstands. you should try it.
  11. that only happens if i stand up too fast. its not even the weed. however weed intensifies that a lot. lol
  12. do a handstand
  13. Just stand up slower man. It sounds like some gnarly headrush.
  14. Its your blood pressure rising and falling. Stand up slower or risk blacking out lol
  15. Smoking marijuana lowers blood pressure, standing up really quickly causes your blood pressure to lower drastically for a second to compensate for a change in the way it has to circulate the blood throughout your body, that's not some high effect stop hopping up after you've just gotten high, stand up slower
  16. I was reading about the spiritual use of cannabis before and it said to smoke with a straight spine, perhaps this has something to do with it.
  17. That happens whenever you stand up fast. It's because of a quick drop in blood pressure. It does add to he high though
  18. Lol when you stand up your giving yourself a headrush

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