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Smoking while sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaserSailor, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Given that MJ has it's legit medical uses, if I hit a quick toke while I'm sick (feels like I have the flu minus the vomiting) will it make me feel better? Anybody smoked with the flu and how did it work out?
  2. Since you are sick with the flu it might make you cough a lot more since you don't have your lungs at 100% but I really don't know thats just my hypothesis.
  3. i always smoke when im sick. just a nice snap out of a bong and youll be feeling pretty good depending on how sick you are.
  4. smoking makes you forget your sick so its good. the best way i get over a cold or anything no too major thc and vitamin c. youll be on your feet in no time. well at least back on the couch in time for adult swim to come on. haha.
  5. self medication rocks
  6. Smoking is a bad idea while sick, simply because it lowers the immune system, much like alcohol.

    I'm sick right now, and 2 days ago when I was just coming down, I hit a bowl before lunch (because of the stomach ache) and a few hours later my temperature skyrocketed to 102.5

    Granted, my temperature could have done that anyways, and the weed could have had nothing to do with it, but marijuana does lower your immune system, so I would suggest against it.

    Then again, it will make you feel pretty good for a while :)
  7. So long as i can get some sleep . . . I feel pretty shitty now. So I'll hit a small bowl and take a hot bath in a few hours. That'll put me right to sleep . . .
  8. It does make you forget that you have a cold and it makes you feel better in short terms. But in the long run smoke makes your nose stuffier. (dont know if you have a stuffy nose) I would do alittle bit just to make you tired and fall asleep if you do it at all.
  9. Just had some experience with this the other day, and there actually might be some medical sense to it.

    THC is a bronchial dialator, so if you have a wheezing, hard to breath chest cold, it'll actually open up your airways! Seems a little contradictory, but believe me it works. Also, when you're actually smoking it might be a little rough, and you'll most likely cough, but give it a couple minutes and you'll be feeling great :)

    Also, some research is being done about the canniboids in Marijuana, and they actually may be affective at getting ride of your fever! (In terms of temperature, not your illness)

    And of course, you'll feel immensely better and ache free.

    My recommendation, spark a quick bowl, make a nice hot cup of green tea with honey, and a nice big bowl of soup and crackers, and pop in your favorite movie.

    Good luck!
  10. This is a myth. There is no evidence that pot has any effect on the immune system.
  11. Man a quick bowl and a hot bath knocked me out all night, as opposed to the previous night where I woke up every two hours with a hacking cough.
  12. Yea I feel way better
  13. Ditto. I usually toke still when I am sick, but it definitley soesnt help you et better, it does lower the immune system.
  14. #14 RustyTinman, Feb 15, 2009
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    Just because it doesn't help you get better doesn't mean it lowers your immune system. Your experience feeling worse because you toked while you were sick isn't worth as much as the scientific studies that say it has no known effect on the immune system. Don't spread myths as facts. You need to get two groups of people, count their white blood cells, give one group pot and the other a placebo, and then count the white blood cells after. THEN you can say it affects the immune system.

    When I toked with the flu last weekend I got better as fast as I would have if I hadn't smoked. If it affected the immune system it would have taken longer. Also, stoners would get sick more often than other people.

    That's not to say you won't FEEL worse. That depends on the person. But if you do feel worse, that's not because of your immune system, it's just how you react to pot while sick.
  15. I always do it makes me feel ten times better
  16. smoking when sick makes me not feel sick anymore, then 2 hours later it all fades away and i feel sick again i just go smoke sum more :smoking:
  17. It depends on the sickness. It can help in a lot of cases, but edibles or vaping are better when you're sick than smoking.
  18. It's a very average high like music and food and stuff isn't half as good as when you get high normally, However you really don't feel that ill at all so I'd definitely reccomend it.
  19. The important thing is to listen to your body when you are sick. If you try to smoke and it feels wrong or bad or sick or makes you cough excessively then just back off.

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