Smoking While Showering

Discussion in 'General' started by HIGH IQ, May 27, 2010.

  1. Anybody ever try it. I did it succesfully twice now. Crazy experience.

    I use candles in blue glass in my shower with no other light, so yeah lol.
  2. lol imagine someone trying to smoke a joint in the shower under the flow of water.

    comical shiieeet
  3. I just sit under the water and let it roll down my back and get fucked up with a glass blunt I call Che-Che.

    As long as the lighter stays dry Im all good.

    Blue candle light, candle smells like citrus.

    Next I just need the my favorite smoking music and Im set.
  4. sounds like keepoing the blunt dry would be a challenge but i havent tried
  5. I love standingin the shower with my bong letting the delicious h2o rain down on my dank ass nugs.
  6. haha this reminds me of the past 420 when i woke up and hit a j while takin a shower, needless to say it is a must for anyone that wakes n bakes
  7. Lol good job sounds hard lol, How high is your IQ, just wondering
  8. :laughing:
  9. getting blazed and then taking a shower with all the lights out is seriously soooo relaxing :smoking:
  10. i smoke in my shower all the time...
    my bathroom has 2 doors to it, separating the toilet and shower
    from the i basically just hotbox it.

  11. I smoke all the time before I take a shower but have never tried this. Defiantly going to tonight, sounds chill as hell.
  12. According to a series of assesments and tests I am, by those standards, extremely intelligent, near genius. But I am only just 18. That report also said that when my scores are put in to a labor database, I have the aptitude to do over 100 jobs, and do them better, than 8/10 of the workers in those jobs.

    Not that I didnt already know I was a genius... :D

    Thank you gentleman! :smoking:
  13. Before I would just hotbox the bathroom and take a shower, which would seem to dampen my high a bit.

    But now I just blaze up while taking the shower and I think it really enhances it.

    I hope you enjoy.
  14. If you like smoking in the shower try smoking while you sleep
  15. Volcano, is that the guy from Top Gear!? I'm smoking in the shower when i get home.
  16. I have a hard enough time staying on my feet taking a normal shower.
  17. Oh i was hoping you had a number. BTW they stopped using the word genius as well as retarded because its not politically "correct" your age doesnt really matter, because tests are designed so you will score the same, for example the test you take when your 10 is not the same test you take when you are 18.
  18. Lol this thread is funny
  19. Nah, sometimes if the water is off but not when running, no point in wasting water.
  20. 'high iq' hahaha

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