smoking while pregnant?

Discussion in 'General' started by iceman35, Oct 18, 2008.

  1. Hey, my sis is pregnant for the second time and she is visiting me from new mexico. im in NY

    she wants to smoke and says it makes her feel better and able to eat. i called my dealer and he said about an hour before he gets some. its been like 2 hours and shes like crying because she doesn't have any to smoke. im like, doesn't this seem back that you have to smoke to feel better, that you depend on this. im going to go pick some up soon and smoke but i dunno how good this can be for the kid. In new mexico she smokes everyday.

    also she smoked her whole first pregnancy but the kid is fine as i can see, who knows if the kid has learning disabilities or anything.
  2. you really shouldnt smoke anything while your pregnant, thats just stupid. i mean i dont know any negative effects offhand because ive never looked into it, but i can gaurantee it does more bad than good.
  3. I have no idea, all I know is that before a kid is 16 it can inhibit cartain types of brain development. When you are preggo it's usually a good idea to abstain from everything just in case, it's not worth it.
  4. I know that with cigarettes it the nicotine not the smoke which causes health defects for the baby. I've heard of people smoking out of vaporizers during their entire pregnancy just to be safe and having perfectly normal kids, but personally, I think your sister needs some help. Crying when she can't smoke, especially while pregnant, is very unsettling.
  5. i know, im like, i cant believe the only way to feel better is to smoke. she smokes a couple blunts a day. She is hostile!
  6. Uhm..

    Lets think logically here.

    Drinking while pregnant? Bad.

    Smoking cigarettes while pregnant? Bad.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here..

    Smoking pot while pregnant? Bad.


  7. Smoking pot while preggo has never been proven to be bad but its never been proven to be safe.

    I wouldnt do it if I was her.
  8. Tell her to talk to her Obstetrician.

    Anything less is neglect if you ask me.
  9. its weird. she pukes like every 30 mins. she went to the hospital this morning from being dehydrated.
  10. There have been a lot of studies into this and they've all found that it's safe.

    It's not like drinking while pregnant or smoking tobacco while pregnant.

    Google it a bit and you'll be surprised at the findings.
  11. oh man then erowid needs to update their shizzit.
  12. then she needs to drink more water.
  13. I would suggest.....

    She needs to drink water, and not smoke. Even though it's not very harmful, she needs to be considerate of her child - and she shouldn't cry because there is no weed. If she's crying about it, then that means she does it when she's back home.
  14. wow, kid might become a pothead.

    but seriously common sense people
  15. yes this. but she shouldn't smoke it. she should make it into food or tea and consume it that way because the actual smoke is bad for you. if she can't do that then tell her to use a bong because that is the safest method of smoking.

    she shouldn't do it all the time but if you are hormonal and having panic attacks and your morning sickness is so bad that you can't eat then you should have a little pot. the MALE kids in this thread don't know what they are talking about, seriously.

    read the jamaican study they did. that is the only study that has been done with pregnant women smoking only marijuana. all the american done studies where the mom smoked pot also smoked crack, cigs, and did other drugs. so when you google "marijuana pregnancy" you get shit about lower iqs and brain damage and it's simply not true.

    just get your sister some pot, offer to make her some food or tea or bring a vape if you have it. poor girl.
  16. rereading the original post, she sounds depressed. and being a depressed person, off anti-depressents due to pregnancy, is a dangerous thing. pot is the lesser of two evils. THINK ABOUT IT: prozac? which has been around, what, 50 years? or marijuana which has been around for thousands? i think every woman should try and stay sober throughout pregnancy but if it is your sanity on the line and you have to choose the lesser of two evils, take the pot.
  17. its been 3 hours waiting now and shes just getting more irritable.
    i hope this guy calls me soon.
  18. Watch this.

    It's a non-biased study done in Jamaica which determines that smoking cannabis during pregnancy has no clear negative effects. This study went on for years into the childhood of these kids who's mothers smoked pot during pregnancy. They also had a control group of mothers who didn't.

    420th post
  19. I honestly don't think your sister should be allowed to have kids.:(
  20. yep that's the one i was referring to. that has been the only study to date with testing just marijuana. quite a shame. you can't fund something like that in the us...

    anyway there are copies of the study online if you google "jamaica pregnancy cannabis" i'm sure it will show up. but it's really really long so that youtube might be better. :)

    iceman she needs to calm the fuck down as best she can. tell her to go lay down and try to nap.

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