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Smoking While Drunk

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Candildo, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. So a little while ago I smoked some weed while drunk at a party, and I felt absolutely insane. I'm not sure if I would want to mix ever again, for a while at least. But out of curiosity, is this bad for you? Is this dangerous? I know alcohol decreases your heart rate and bud speeds it up, so would that complicate things. Any advice would be appreciated :D
  2. my advice that its awesome!
  3. Nah it's fine. I always smoke weed when I'm drunk, you'll be much better off the next day that way.
  4. I'm not sure if it poses any serious implications within you body but I know when i smoke and drink I get waaaaaaaaay fucked up and try not to do it too much. But obviously since you are becoming more intoxicated by mixing the two you could pose risk to passing out sooner and things of that nature.
  5. Nah man getting cross-faded is awesome. Just don't get too drunk cause vomiting is a buzzkill.
  6. Supposedly the combo impedes your body's natural ability to throw up so if you have to much booze you cant release the toxins..
    My personal expierence, I smoke before i start drinking, and at the end of the night. At the end of the night i usually get the spins and pass out haha. But ive always been able to throw up. So i think youll be alright, youll just be really fucked up! :yay:
  7. I've never tried it. What's it like mixing weed and alcohol?
  8. It's better if you get high first and then drink after; for me, it provides a much better buzz and because you're high you don't feel like getting too drunk, so you reach the perfect mix! I always find it a cool experience anyway, if you get high and are in the mood to drink too then yeah it's a great way to get fucked up. Get some JD down yer neck and you will be chillen.

    Also - if you get high at the end of the night like after a while of drinking it can be good for you before you go to sleep, can really help eliminate that bullshit hangover.
  9. It gets me too fucked up... I rarely do it.
  10. oh yea i get reaaaaaaaaaaaaal fucked up
    sometiems its awesome
    its made me get teh spins and puke a few tiems

    all you gotta do is not overdo either otherwise tehy fight eachother and the booze always loses and then you gotta throw up hahah
  11. Last friday I supplied the weed and my friend supplied some brew. So I smoked a bowl then drank some brews and then smoked some more dank then drank more brews. I was feeling really good. I don't usually drink so it was a pleasant change of pace. Just remember that if you end up hungover a quick bowl can fix all of that.
  12. I love a cross fade. Although im always high before i drink. never tried it the other way around.
  13. My only experience with it was this new years. Observations:

    1) I got really fucked up, but not too fucked up to handle myself. I drank a few beers alone, plus everything from beer pong all night (figure approximately 8 or 9 in total), and two double shots of Smirnoff. Beforehand, however, I smoked a pinner of dank by myself, as well as a good two bowls of mids.

    2) I'd smoke first, because beer tastes AMAZING when you have cottonmouth. So refreshing. :D

    3) I wasn't TOO hungover in the morning, and I feel like smoking had something to do with it.

  14. I hate the taste of alcohol.

    When I do this I drink then smoke. And I rarely expirience any paranoia.

    but I don't like doing it. I wouldn't consider it "fun" because I can't remember anything. Even stuff that happened five minutes before. Crazy is a more appropriate word.
  15. This is a goood thread! I'm thinking of doing something.. or drinking this weekend, I've had a bad week and I just feel like getting to that state of nevercomingback.
  16. Beer allways before smoking. Everytime ive played pong or something and cheifed ive thrown up.

    Alchohol it doesnt madder but do half of the amount of each you would do normally... so do 4 shots instead of 8, 1 blunt instead of 2 etc

  17. Smoking cures a hangover.
  18. Treats*
  19. I can drink about 6 beers and smoke a couple bowls and I'm set. It's a great combo when you find your tolerance with the two.
  20. im always high before I drink, and I can't really drink without being high. It hits me much harder and faster if I haven't smoked enough

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