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smoking weed with chest infection and tonsillitis?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by goldenbudz, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. i have a really bad chest infection it feels like stabbing when i breath in and tonsillitis. im not smoking many cigarettes but when i had a joint earlier i was in a lot of pain. should i pack the cigs in and smoke weed or just not smoke anything?

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  3. I would
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  4. If you want the most healthy option, don't smoke anything. Personally, I would use edibles to satisfy my cannabis needs and just limit cigarettes as much as possible. Maybe even consider an ecig or box mod to replace cig combustion.
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  5. thanks for replies i burrowed my mates mflb and its not as harsh

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  6. I'd not smoke ANYTHING, cigarettes or bud.

    Consider it a way to quit smoking cigs, or save money. Make edibles for the bud. I'd continue to abstain for about 2 weeks after clearing up 100% to avoid any type of relapse or secondary cold/infection.
  7. You have to ask? The answer should be obvious. If smoking hurts don't do it and get off the cancer sticks or never complain smoking hurting again, mate. Good grief!
  8. Thought this shit said " pot removed " tbh

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