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Smoking Weed With A Chest Cold And Similar Sicknesses

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Do you do it? Does it hurt your lungs or slow down the cold recovery time?
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    definitely clears me up. I like to take a rip and cough it out slowly... clears you up so fast. and herb also helps with stomach aches and everything really... take a toke and it's all gone, and you're like "damn I shoulda done this earlier!" It obviously doesn't cure anything but it definitely helps.
  3. Well I smoked with a fever one time because I thought that it would help me relax but it was a very unpleasant experience to say the least. I have not tried it with a cold but I'm sure you would be fine.  :bongin:
  4. almost always. Sometimes its just so bad I don't even want to smoke; but i usually feel better if i do 
  5. Guess Im different from you guys, because it doesnt help my recovery at all. Makes it worse. 
  6. I wouldn't do it. Smoking while sick could potentially kill you.
    Want to cite some recorded instances? Okay then, moving on
    Yes, smoke with a chest cold, it makes any sickness more bearable if the smoke doesn't bother you. Take small hits, don't overdo it. Vape is preferred if accesible.
  8. Umm... if you're really sick then don't, youll most likely green-out.
  9. Me, sheldon
  10. like thats a bad thing ;)
  11. I smoked with pneumonia and I'm still kickin.  Also smoked with mono a few years back and it actually felt helpful.  I was always tired but unable to really get productive sleep, but when I smoked I passed straight the hell out.  
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    I mean it's true that if you try blazing down with a very harsh lung disease it could hurt, but killing's extreme.  I would however argue that it could worsen certain illnesses.  Smoking with very serious pneumonia is def dangerous, my friends lung collapsed after taking a big bong rip when he had pneumonia in both lungs.  It started with a small after-hit cough and led to coughing up pure blood, no phlegm.  If you aren't just dabbing down all night long then you should be fine. 
    Vape all day.  Mr. Doctor Man knows what he's talkin bout.
    Basically just don't overdue it, the second you see any blood produced from coughing stop.  It means you've either ruptured a blood vessel somewhere in your airway or you're cold was a lot more serious.  Smoking with a cold makes it easier to bear with imo.
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    I always stick to edibles when im sick with anything throat or lung related.

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