Smoking weed that was in a rusty grinder

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  1. Hey,

    I just cleaned up and smoked the remaining kief and stuff from a 3 year old metal(i guess) grinder. after i cleaned the grinder with the help of a little pick and smoked it in a joint, i realised that some parts of the grinder were rusty and now im freaking out.

    did anyone do that before ? you guys think rusty weed would do any harm to your lungs ?

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  2. You'll be fine. Just throw out the grinder and don't do it again obviously. If you did it on a regular basis then I'd worry about it. Even if there were little rust chips in your weed one time isn't going to kill you and that's assuming it even happened and since you rolled it up I'm sure you would've noticed, certainly any significant amount of rust in there.
  3. It's not good for you, but that little bit won't harm you. Just don't make a habit of it. ;)
  4. Brother don't worry about your health, the real problem here is that mental rust addiction.

    Last few years I've noticed a tendency that I keep dropping my grinders in vinegar just to get where I need to be.
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  5. Should be fine, just make sure you toss the grinder. Repeat use of a rusty grinder may be troublesome. I recommend getting a new one that’s some sort of zinc coated metal or similar. They tend to last longer without rust, most popular grinders nowadays are like this. I suggest razor wire, they are pretty neat, the jay and silent bob ones are also pretty good ( I think it’s made by famouz brands or something)

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